Sunday, August 15, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers August 15st, 2004

The Doggy Diaries

Al-Qaeda Plans Assassination

This story has made the rounds on many blogs I read, so more than likely, you have heard of it by now. However, in the event that you don't follow political or news-related blogs, I would like to post this story by the Washington Times for your review. This is an important story; it indicates that the next transmission we hear/receive from Osama Bin Ladin will actually be a signal to terrorist cells to carry out the next major Al Qaeda attack -- an assassination of a high-profile leader (whether this will be a U.S. or foreign leader is unknown) and multiple
attacks against America immediately following the assassination.


Jewish students accosted at Auschwitz

If one were an anti-Semite and felt an irrational need to attack Jews, you would think that the last place they would choose to do so would be Auschwitz. One would have thought that the gravity of what had been done in that death camp (and numerous others) would silence their hatred even for a few moments. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case as a group of Jewish students who were touring the death camps recently were verbally attacked by three French tourists... Chilling.


Pictures from Afghanistan

The following pictures were sent to me by Maj. Juan
Jose Soto Perez, U.S. Army, who is fighting on the
front lines there in the War on World Terrorism.
Readers will recall that he sent a letter last week
which I posted on the site.

The memorials remind me that wel need to set them up
here too. I'm not aware of any in my area, but this is
something I'll have to look into. We need to remind
ourselves periodically of the sacrifices our troops
are making.

Bunker Mulligan

Pond Scum

As I listen to politicians talk about how they are going to help
Americans, I see a very distinct difference between philosophies. One
group wants to help by providing services through the Federal
Government, the other wants to help by keeping the Federal Government
out of our business as much as possible. The latter understand the
Constitution, the former either don't, or choose to ignore it.

Josh Harvey's Middle East

I’ve said before that the Leftists were right about ending the
occupation, so let’s face up to the prescience of the Right-wingers.
They’ve been saying a few things since the Oslo negotiations:

1. Don’t give the Palestinians guns. They’ll use them against us,
not against their terrorists.
2. Let the IDF win the war against the terrorists.
3. Don’t believe Arafat.


National Sales Tax

On Wednesday I posted about a news story reporting that President Bush thought a National Sales Tax might be a good idea. The post generated a few comments that have given me pause and caused me to reconsider my stance somewhat.

Liberal Utopia


No experience. No message. No record showing any real achievement.
Nothing but a bunch of words and promises.

The Southern Conservative

Michael Moore is a Fat Liar

Michael Moore says: "I wasn't an overweight kid,
but in the mid to late 1980s I was collecting end up eating foods that are cheap,
fast and starchy because they fill you up. I put on
the bulk of my weight during that time, and it didn't
come off."
Moore blames his weight problem on
having been unemployed, not on his own actions. He
readily absolves himself of accountability and shifts
blame to that Regan era phantom villain, unemployment.
It was supply-side economics that made Mike fat, not
the Doritos he was shoveling into his gorge with both
fists. And even if it was the Doritos, it damn sure
wasn’t a result of Mike’s personal decision to buy
them and eat them! He was poor, after all! He couldn’t
afford luxuries like lettuce and canned tuna!

Daniel W. Casey's Blog

The Olympics Are Here . . . Where’s the Clicker?

Wow, Opening Day, and I'm already creeped out by the whole Olympics thing . . .

Is there any other spectacle in sport that makes the Super Bowl Halftime Show seem tolerable by comparison than the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics?


Monza in Italy has banned people from keeping goldfish in bowls.
Mosca, one of the council officials, said: 'A fish kept in a bowl has a
distorted view of reality and suffers because of this... Also, this
type of
receptacle generally doesn't have a filter and doesn't allow for good
oxygenation of the water, unlike in rectangular aquariums.'

Please, can anyone let Europe out of its bowl?

This, and tons more of crazy news from Europe in our latest regular
"All in the same EU-Boat" update.

Chris Berg

Republican Nomination

Of course, Noah's speech is not the ultimate nomination speech. I have
confidence that the administration could come up with memorable
moments (Bush seems to have a fondness for Reaganite turns of phrase,)
but what the Bush speechwriting team is not strong at is the
construction of an argument. Bush has never fully articulated the
justification for the Iraq war in the manner that Noah does here. It
is my belief that the major cause of public ambivalence towards the
war is because it has never been properly sold to them in a long-term
framework, only in short-term (WMD). Bush needs to talk about grand
strategy. This is a political failure on his administration's behalf,
but one which can be fixed if he looks at the nomination - his final
chance to fully articulate his platform on a vast scale - as important
as a State of the Union.

Revenge of the Hamster

Saturday comes and I can’t eat before the test. Goddamn. So I figure, I’ll go to the Pathology Unit early and ‘beat the rush’.

No such luck. I underestimate old people. There were at least five pensioners before me, three of whom were carrying suspicious looking buckets of yellow liquid.

Nurse: Is that your urine sample, Mr Pee-A-Lot

Mr Pee-A-Lot: Yes

Nurse: Great *takes bucket away from Mr Pee-A-Lot*

Mr Pee-A-Lot: When can I get it back?

Nurse: You’ll have to see your GP for the test results. Give it about a week and…

Mr Pee-A-Lot: No, when do I get my bucket back? I keep my cereal in that.

Someone get that man a new bucket STAT.

The Terriorists

A (Turning) Tail of Two Demo-cats

AHM has never liked Demo-cats. Maybe she got bitten by one when she was little, I don't know. Or maybe she startin' learnin' about Demo-cats from the oldsters in her life--the same way I teach my pups the way to behave in the world. Whatever. All I know is, as long as I've been around, she's done everythin' but lift her leg on 'em--which she can't do anyway, so I guess that doesn't count.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Myths of Stem Cell Research

Proponents of embryonic stem cell research are spreading a lot of false information, not least of which is that they'll only use spare embryos that would be destroyed anyway. What they really want, as Ron Reagan made clear at the Democratic convention, is human cloning on a massive scale.


In summary, according to the studies above, Kerry, if he doesn't extend the baseline of tax cuts, will only generate 600 billion dollars less revenue than current law predicts, and will spend an additional 1.8 trillion dollars on new programs. The net result is that Kerry's proposals will cost around $2,400,000,000.00 (2.4 Trillion dollars) over 10 years.

If you don't believe me, read the studies. If you don't believe them, do a study yourself. I can't get the numbers to add up, but John Kerry is probably better at math than I am.

New England Republican

Media Hypocrisy - How the Media Handled the Bush AWOL Controversy

After reading Neil Boortz's column, I remembered one of the White House Press Briefings from February where the reporters sounded like a bunch of hyenas demanding the President prove he wasn't AWOL even after the White House had released his pay records. So I did a Google search and found the transcript from the press briefing. Here are the questions that were asked about the AWOL controversy (it is quite long but worth reading), I'll add more comments below...

The Commons at Paulie World

Folks, this week we are featuring another of our contributors, the
Swamp Fox.
This is an excellent article, well-researched and documented, and
something you all should keep in your 2nd Amendment arsenal (pun intended.)

Concealed Weapons and the Right to Self Defense, by Francis
Marion, The Swamp Fox (Paulie World pseudonym)

Wandering Mind

Anti Americanism, Part One of Three

I then asked him why Europeans were so anti American. He gave me an answer that to this day, defines a good part of my view of European anti Americanism.
He went on to explain. Europeans, he said, dislike Americans because, in a short period of human history, went on to surpass Europe in being the center of global influence. What was even worse, was that America was built by European 'garbage' as he put it. I started to object, but he immediately interrupted