Monday, September 06, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers September 6th, 2004


The Population bomb: not all that explosive

Turns out that, once again, Paul Ehrlich was wrong and now, even the
New York Times is willing to admit it. There is no mistaking the fact that
changing birth rates give evidence of changing world wide attitudes
toward human procreation. There is also no mistaking the fact that the
Malthusian (Ehrlichian?) concept of dying oceans and a need to cull
human populations are so much bunk.

They have been repeatedly debunked and will continue to be proved wrong
because they ignore the ability of humanity to adapt to changing
situations. They also ignore the ability of the Earthÿs natural systems
to rebound when they are given the space to do so. As humanity
to improve their knowledge of natural systems and show a willingness to
address their impacts on natural systems, so will the natural
environmentÿs ability to support human life be expanded.


A bold, new direction

John Kerry's speech at midnight after the Republican National
Convention shifted his campaign in an entirely different mode. He said that
he's a better man for the job of President because...

(wait for it)

...he served in Vietnam!

(Warning: Blog entry contains subliminal messages.)

The Doggy Diaries

Miscellaneous Interesting Facts about U.S. Wars and Our Military

When some people claim to you that
President Bush shouldn't have started this war, you
can respond by stating the following.
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) led us into World War II. Four-hundred and fifty thousand American lives were lost over the course of the war -- an average of 112,500 war-related deaths per
Harry S. Truman (D) finished World War II
and started another war in Korea even though North
Korea never attacked us. Between 1950 and 1953, 55,000
lives were lost -- an average of 18,334 war-related
deaths per year.

Bunker Mulligan


As I think about the political divisions in this country, I'm less
convinced that there is a giant chasm between the folks who make up the
general population. There is a very determined group on the far right,
led by such sociological luminaries as Pat Roberts. They try to be
vocal, but get little face time unless they can be made to look
There is an equally determined group on the far left led by many names
which have become almost caricatures--Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore,
NOW, In between are the bulk of Americans, people who simply
the government to stay out their way as they try to do what's best for
themselves and their families.

How Russians Deal With Terror

A sidebar to the Russian school tragedy:

Grozny. Thirty relatives of Chechen separatist leader Aslan
askhadov, including his wife, have been led away to an unknown place by masked men, said Maskhadov’s spokesman Ahmed Zakaev on radio the Echo of Moscow, AFP reported.

AOL Straw Poll shows Bush winning 535-3 in Electoral Votes. Granted,
is a non-scientific poll. Granted these are AOL users. But 535-3? That
doesn't make sense. The only votes Kerry got were from AOL users in

My attempts to dismiss this poll as representing AOL users didn't work,
according to the National Business Review:

Chris Berg

Kerry Implodes (cont.)

"Kerry Criticizes Cheney for Avoiding Vietnam War." Other wars not
mentioned: The Falklands War, War of the Roses, Roman War against
Carthage. But, to avoid covering territory many other blogs will
certainly cover, I'm going to focus on unmentioned wars between 1494
and 1523...

The Terriorists
Ahead of the Curve

Not only ahead, but waaaay ahead. So far ahead we can look back and see everyone else just thinkin' about lookin' for the curve. When are you humans gonna' start catchin' up to we canines? No wonder Lassie had to resort to draggin' people out of the house by their clothes to save Little Timmy.

Today Mr. Minority finally points out the obvious--dogs (and their people) know who makes the best Alpha. I've been tryin' to tell you people that ever since I started bloggin'!

Yelling at the Windshield

Extremism, real and imagined

George W. Bush is only an "extreme right winger" to somebody who has
SO far out onto the left wing that Teddy Kennedy is


Malkin And Internment

Next up on my reading list is Michelle Malkin's In Defense of Internment. Not surprisingly, this book has generated a good deal of controversy. I have come to generally trust Michelle and I really enjoy her columns.

However, I have also come to trust The Volokh Conspiracy, and so I was quite interested by this post.

The Unmentionables

Chechens and A Short History of Muslim Nazis

Some news stories are so unbelievably abominable it takes time to absorb the impact. Such are the stories out of Beslan, Russia.

"Valery Andreyev, the top Federal Security Service official in the region, said 20 militants were killed, including 10 Arabs. The Arab presence among the attackers would support President Vladimir Putin's contention that al-Qaida terrorists were involved in the Chechen conflict, where Muslim fighters have been fighting Russian forces in a brutal a war of independence for most of the past decade."
News that Arab men were part of the terrorists seems to be a change from the opinions reached in this Christian Science Monitor article about Chechens fighting in Afghanistan.

American Warmonger

A Memorial to the Murdered Near Chechnya

There are no words to describe how disgusting, how vile, how repulsive, how damning, how disrespectful, how murderous, how sadistic, how morbid, and yes, how EVIL an act these "Islamic Infidel Fighters" have become. I have been sniffling over this over the past couple of days. The moment I heard that those...

Wandering Mind

"Multiculturalism, masquerading as righteousness, assaulted western values like bin Laden's call to Jihad."

To a true Multiculturalist, all is sacred and nothing is profane. Tolerance is transformed from appropriate and considered behavior into belief- the belief that all is equal. From moon worshippers to Jim Jones, all is equal in the eyes of the Multiculturalist. Secularists no longer have to present cogent and reasoned argument. They wave the religious icon of their beliefs and all must bow before the god(s) du jour. Religious people and those not so religious, but of more conservative values, yield to 'Judge not, lest ye be judged' and the values of decorous behavior. In other words, they resigned themselves into accepting the multiculturalist agenda. For the most part, they could simply ignore that agenda. Multiculturalism became an integral (and politically involved) part of the western societal fabric."

The Commons: More on Johnnie Jihadi

Read this post, folks. It's part of why the blogosphere is worthwhile.

We've had a good string of posts lately, wherein Paulie World
contributors Paulie (duh!), Scooter, and John Adams were joined by Alex
of Wandering Mind to discuss the War on Terrorism and its causes. The
string started here, when I made what I thought was a relatively bland
statement: I'm glad Bush is running the War on Terrorism. Read
comment: he thinks it's wrong to call the Iraq campaign part of the War
on Terrorism.