Monday, October 04, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers October 3rd, 2004


The inevitable words of wisdom about the debate

For those with little to no time, you can read this line. Simply put,
the first debate won't do a thing to change the current race. Neither
Bush nor Kerry scored the proverbial 'knock-out punch'. Bush made
several strong and clear points that debunked Kerry's hyperbole. Kerry
came off as a polished and professional speaker.

The Southern Conservative

Underdogs, Fat Boys, and the Roanoke Times

...that’s really a big part of it with me. I just
don’t like Kerry. Personally. As a man. You
know, as much as I was disgusted by Clinton’s public
policies and failures, I kinda liked the guy. I
couldn’t help it. I just saw him as a big ol’ fat
southern boy who liked chicks and cheeseburgers and
thought he knew it all. Sounds like my friends and
much of my family. I always kinda had the idea that
sitting around with ol’ Slick, knocking back a few
Bass Ales, fishin’ and tellin’ lies, would be a lot of

Chris Berg

McDonald's on the Moon

I really want McDonald's to open up a moon store. Not because those
tasty, tasty burgers would be available to Moonmen, but because of
what it implies...

Liberal Utopia

Relative Levels of Violence

Ten -- count 'em -- ten "9/11s" each year. That's the equivalent of
what the Iraqi people suffered on average during the totalitarian
torturocracy of one Saddam Hussein al-Majid.

Rally in New Jersey for the President!

Where: VFW Post 6255 Cedar Grove, NJ

When: 1pm ~ October 16, 2004

Theme: PROTECTING THE HOMELAND Rally in Support Of
President Bush

Sponsors: Security Moms 4 Bush NJ, W.I.S.P., Democrats
4 Bush, and Vets4Bush

Press release and guest list follows


Answering Orin Kerr

Orin Kerr over at The Volokh Conspiracy has posed three questions to the Iraq hawks in the Blogosphere. Since I count myself among them I have decided to answer his queries, as I think it is a useful exercise for myself as well as acting as a catalyst for wider discussion. Here are his questions and my answers:

Weapon of Mass Distraction

A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request

A moment of silence, please, for the Chicago Cubs' pennant hopes. Thank you. And now an eloquent requiem from the late singer-songwriter, Steve Goodman:

(talking blues)
By the shores of old Lake Michigan
Where the hawk wind blows so cold,
An old Cub fan lay dying
In his midnight hour that tolled
Round his bed, his friends had all gathered...

Bunker Mulligan

Book Review
I finished reading Intellectual Morons yesterday, and have been trying to decide the best way to recommend this book so that it appeals to the sensibilities of those from our entire spectrum of philosophical ideologies. Because, that's what the book is about.

Daisy Cutter

Debate Wrap … What Really Happened …

“Kerry’s “I don’t always talk right about the war” line was a joke. To even the casual observer, it was obvious that this statement would be believable if coming from Pres. Bush.”

Tim's Webpage

And the winner is...

We learned that Kerry thinks that Saddam was a threat, but he wasn't
connected to Bin Laden. We should have removed him, but we shouldn't
have done it so quickly. We should have focused on catching a man
running from cave to cave in Afghanistan rather than wasting our time
on what he called a 'tyrant' who was a 'threat' to our country.

A Physicist's Perspective

Tolerance and "Moral Neutrality"

I want to talk about tolerance and the illusion of moral neutrality. I've been
thinking about this on and off ever since hearing a lecture on it in 2000...
We need to understand the nature of true tolerance, which is not tolerating everything, even if we think it's wrong, but rather tolerating that which ought
to be tolerated. Our society teaches that it's intolerant to make any moral judgment ...

American WarMonger

What do Beslan, Russia and Samarra, Iraq have in common?

No there is no joke.

An estimated 24 children were killed in Summarra Iraq on Friday, October 1st. They were targeted by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his loyal killers. U.S. Troops were killed as well. The troops were handing out candy to the children when a "martyr" decided to end their young and growing lives. I guess beheadings just weren't making their point anymore.

Shining Light in Dark Corners

We're Dodging the Draft Issue
The War in Iraq can seem easier to justify when volunteers carry the load. Everyone knows American Armed Forces are badly overstretched. What if something else happens and have another regional conflict to jump into? The concept of a draft for our kids brings home the issue of war. Now here is a question people need to be asking themselves before the election: Which Presidential candidate has the ability to bring other major western powers into a coalition to prevent a draft of our children?