Monday, December 27, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers December 26th, 2004

First off, Merry Christmas! This week has been a slow one in the Blogosphere with all the holiday preparations and parties. I'm glad to see that many bloggers are taking it easy and hope that everyone is enjoying time with their families. Check back next week when the Homespuners are blogging at full strength.


The Commons at Paulie World

American Imperialist Power

Weekend Pundit

The Weekend Pundit, one of my daily reads, has an interesting post about the use of American might. The breadth of American might can only recall the Roman Legions in their world-spanning might. Neither the British nor the Mongols had the capacity to wage war in so many areas with so much brute force. Nor, one might say, with such disregard for military conquest (let's focus on the 20th & 21st centuries here, critics).


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but why?

First things first - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Homespun Bloggers and readers!

Now, on to politics. I was just leafing through my November copy of the Fraser Forum and came across Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuisÿs article on the growing economic gap between Alberta and Saskatchewan. Clemens and Veldhius make a clear (and accurate case) that the reason for the growing gap lies squarely in the choices the two populations have made between market-oriented and socialist economic policies.


Out of Control

Yet another symptom of the PC disease:

Rossford High School officials were considering letting a Christian rock band play during an anti-drug assembly next week, but decided yesterday to cancel the performance because of concerns over having religious music played in a public school.
Yeah, those Christian rockers...what a bunch of bad apples.