Sunday, September 19, 2004

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What do you have in your closet?

Canada is taking a large step toward the yawning chasm of rights
infringements. Some may not know that Canada now requires that all
firearms to be registered. Failing to undergo an expensive and time
consuming regimen of training, personal and legal checks as well as
submitting the defining characteristics of any and all firearms you
possess to a government database can result in criminal charges and
years in jail. Not surprisingly, a group of Canadian patriots has
resisted this government intrusion into and over their rights and the
government is striking back against them for it.

The Discerning Texan

Kerry's Silver Star

The story we ran here yesterday has now hit the mainstream. The after action report of the incident for which John Kerry was awarded the Silver Star does not correspond to the multiple citations that were later added to his file to justify the award. The CO now says that had he known today what he did not know at the time, he would never have awarded the medal to Kerry.

Louisiana Conservative

I've thought about lawsuits lately. I've thought of the impact that
they are having on our nation. I thought about the lawsuits against the
tobacco industry, and the lawsuits against the gun industry. I've
thought of the active roll that city and state governments have played
in the massive lawsuits. I've thought of the massive people who sue
McDonalds because they are massive.


Free market or Government intervention

Are Congressional investigations necessary to hold CBS's feet to the
fire, or is the free market's response enough? On "Considerettes Radio",
I note the free market issue and Hugh Hewitt give his reasons for
wanting Congress to get involved. We report, you decide.


Evolution vs. Creationism: Round 4

For those of you following my thoughts on this topic, I will now provide my response to Dr. Meyer’s Intelligent Design argument (if you’re new to this line of posts, see Rounds 1, 2 and 3 while Dr. Meyer’s article can be found here).

Here’s the synopsis of the review:

Speaking My Mind

Dan Rather could restart his career in Australia

I haven't posted anything about Rathergate, because it's all over the
blogosphere as it is but I was wondering about Australian media
coverage of the scandal, so I searched Google News Australia with bush
forgeries location:australia and found 11 entries...


Dan "Stonewall" Rather

Lordly & Dame, a company specialising in speakers and celebrity entertainers for corporate and other events, lists Rather as one of the stars in their stable: "A 35-year veteran of CBS News, Dan Rather frequently speaks on the topic of journalistic ethics." Where can I make a booking?

Daniel W. Casey’s Blog

Gun Nut

Yes, it is official. I am now a committed 2nd Amendment loon.

I have applied for and received, from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a Class A License to Carry Firearms. I have bought two fine pistols, one from Beretta USA and one from local favorite Smith & Wesson. My membership application to the National Rifle Association was sent in yesterday.

My wife is licensed to carry, as well.

What made us do it, you ask?

Bill's Big Bloviating Blog

She's No Mother Teresa

Once again, we see irrefutable proof that financial and social power do not necessarily translate into brain power. This from first-lady wannabe Teresa Ketchup-Kerry, speaking on the relief effort for the Caribbean in the aftermath of hurricane Francis…

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Connecting the Dots

Several stories over the last two weeks connect to form an ominous
  • The Nigerian navy has launched an investigation into the
    disappearance of a seized Russian oil tanker which was accused of
    smuggling stolen crude oil from the west African country, a spokesman
    said Sept. 1.

  • US intelligence has warned Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia that
    al Qaeda-linked terrorists plan to hijack an oil tanker and turn it
    into a floating bomb.

What's In It For Us?

Alex of the Wandering Mind contributed to this article.

I have been pondering "Why Do the Terrorists Hate Us" since September 11. I've heard all the arguments, and none of them add up. The US being what we are doesn't foster terrorism: in fact, it instills a sense of hope in the millions and millions who are immigrants or who aspire to be immigrants. The Islamist terrorists are not the poor and downtrodden, per se. Their leaders are among the elites of their societies, and many are the scions of princes and potentates who swell the ranks of the jihadist movements. No, the terrorists are the products of a corrupt system, and the system is not the American one. The events in Russia, and the capture and intimidation of even the French, weigh decidedly against the position that America has caused terrorism.

American Warmonger

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

Who really eats only chocolate or vanilla? Why do you think Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors and Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey are American favorites. It is our freedom to choose what we want between a vast amount of choices that really makes us feel free.

Yelling at the Windshield

Can We Fast Forward?

"It was rather refreshing to hear a clear-thinking liberal who knew what he stood for express himself, even if he was dead wrong."

Liberal Utopia

Qerry supporters assault small child

This is something I would never even consider making up. Truth, in this case, is more ugly, extreme and dangerous than any fiction.

The Terriorists

Krazy (Demo) Kats*

Well, I guess it's some sort of fame to be sneered at by the Big Puppy Blender Blogger himself.

"But all fun aside, I think there are some important lessons for Big Media -- and for everyone else -- in the rise of the blogosphere. They stem from the fact that bloggers operate on the Internet, where arguments from authority are difficult since nobody knows whether you're a dog."
Chris Berg

Information Technology & the Greens

Information Technology policy is not a significant part of the Greens'
campaign. There are a mere 13 references to "internet" on their
campaign website - most of which are from the introduction to their
blog. Granted, they have a blog, which gives them at least some sort
of internet credibility, but like most official campaign blogs, it is
fairly sterile and impersonal. (Based on the volume of comments, it
has even less readers than my blog.)

Tim's Webpage

Kerry in Disarray

Of all of the things Bush has done while he has been in elected office,
the thing the Johns are complaining about now is whether or not Air
National Guardsmen actually count as members of the Air Force...That
sounds like a campaign that has gotten a bit off message.

New England Republican

Their Hatred Will Bring Them Down's new ad featuring what appears to be an American soldier surrendering
is despicable. The far left's hatred of the President is clearly affecting their
judgment if they think ads like this are going to push moderates toward Kerry.
Remember all the talk about how the President should condemn the Swift Vet ads?
Do you think Kerry will condemn this ad? I doubt it, he has so far refused to
condemn anything the far left Bush hating 527's have done. He couldn't even
find it in himself to condemn ads comparing the President to Hitler!

GOP Issues and Action Conference

The conference was a blast and I am very happy that I
went. I encourage all of you to attend next year and
plan on promoting it as the time draws near.

The agenda was divided into two parts, Issues and
Action. On day one we discussed the issues that
confront our nation, and on the second day we heard
action-oriented strategies on how to be an activist. I
took a ton of notes, and over the next few weeks will
be posting what the conference speakers said, and my
thoughts and comments on their presentations.

Wandering Mind

Because the Left never intended to regard the Law as anything but a flexible tool that could be ignored at will, to serve their needs and agenda, they have never been able to come to terms with the reality of the world we live in. The hard Left may not need absolutes and Laws, but the rest of us do. Stability and a sense of continuity are bedrocks of our cultures and societies, here and all over the world. The inability of the Left to understand that, is the reason there has never been a successful Left political agenda that reached final fruition. They have always imploded or failed.

Bunker Bulligan


I thought it might be time to address what we military folks already
know, so that those without our experience might better understand some
things. In particular, I want to speak about Awards and Decorations,
better known to the uninitiated as Medals and Ribbons. No, the two
aren't intechangeable.