Sunday, November 14, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers November 14th, 2004


Eulogizing a terrorist

Yasser Arafat's dead. This will be heralded as good news by most peace-loving folks, except of course those same Palestinians that cheered the 9/11 attacks.

Let us look now at the praise he's getting from people, and imagine that they were talking about a terrorist who hasn't been working for quite as long; Osama bin Laden.


Bury Arafat Already

This is a day of celebration. In Fallujah our troops are stacking up terrorist pigs like cord wood and Arafat does us the courtesy of dying on his own. Good riddance!


Court decision protects 2nd Amendment

"On June 10, all five justices of the Rhode Island Supreme Court recognized that the right to keep and bear arms is a right held by individuals."

Seems the only right thing to do. It is!

Yelling at the Windshield

Arafat is dead.

It is oh-so easy to tut-tut about the grinding poverty in PLO-controlled areas, and assign the blame for that state of affairs to Israel (employing the increasingly popular anti-semitism of the left) and to imagined U.S. imperialism. It is much harder to face the truth that Arafat grew fat and corrupt on the well-intentioned flood of funding meant to ameliorate his people's suffering.

Keep the Electoral College

Now that another presidential election is over, it's that time again for the perennial debate over the Electoral College. Less than a week since Kerry conceded to Bush, there are posts and articles debating the issue.

The Terriorists

Small Crunchy Bites

Well, now that the election's over and the losers are being properly medicated, I can get back to lookin' for more silliness among you humans.

A Physicist's Perspective

Illegal immigration amnesty

President Bush is suggesting a temporary worker card to allow workers to come here from Mexico. I think this is a fairly good suggestion generally, as it might help stem the tide of people coming here illegally, especially if it's coupled with tighter border security. However, he has coupled the proposal with an amnesty of sorts. Illegal aliens already here could apply for temporary worker cards. I talk about how I think this is a bad idea, and give a suggestion for a way in which it might work better.


Black Box In Your Car

That's right folks. Big Brother may soon be riding shotgun:

Privacy experts warn that once cars are outfitted for the most limited data recording, the government will find a way to argue it’s for drivers’ "own good" to collect more. They point to a push in recent years to install GPS in all cars so that emergency officials can easily find incapacitated accident victims.