Monday, October 18, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers October 17th, 2004


Warren Kinsella - My hero

Seems that the much vaunted and ever so highly esteemed Canadian lawyer Warren Kinsella is threatening a few bloggers with legal action for posting something that made him very angry. Bad bloggers! BAD!!! Donÿt you know that Warren is a very important and highly influential man. Donÿt you know that the multitude of misdirected policy decisions the Chrétien crowd made regarding military funding could not possibly have anything to do with the Canadian Navy buying a fleet of rickety, aging, anchors, like the Chicoutimi? Donÿt you know that no one in the Canadian government or the legions of well-paid bureaucrats they surround themselves with should ever be held accountable for this kind of misallocation of funds or the loss of life that might be associated with them?

Yelling at the Windshield

"Anti-family demons"

I don't know which is worse: that Andrew and Kerry and those who would try to make political hay out of the gay marriage issue actually believe that much of middle-America thinks gays and lesbians are 'anti-family demons' and that they actually believe that they might, by some oh-so-clever reverse psychology hidden within a debate comment, move that group to vote a certain way, or that Andrew and Kerry and the rest know better, but are keeping alive the notion of a vast intolerant homophobic populace as a rhetorical straw man. Either way, I don't like what it says about their view of America's heartland, and I think it's yet another reason to reject them for a leadership role.

The Southern Conservative

A Blog Headrush

Considering the libertarian ideas held by many of the bloggers I read regularly, I’m surprised that this is the first time I’ve come across the topic of marijuana legalization. I’m going to come out of the closet on this topic right here and now: I’m not sure it’s a bad idea. In fact, I can see more benefits to it than detriments. Sure, there are a lot of questions to be answered before we plunge headlong into legalization…all I’m saying is that it’s time serious people started asking those questions.

The Harmful UN

I used to describe the United Nations as "Useless", as in "The Useless UN". Although the titles rhymed and sounded nice, a more apt description is of that organization is harmful.

We will recall some years ago the knashing of teeth over the failure of the failure to stop the genocide in Rwanda, where some 800,000 Tutsi's were slaughtered. "Never again", we said, would we let such a tragedy occur.

The Unmentionables

Vote Democrat and Die


Why are we relying upon a company out of England--or Canada--to provide our vaccines? Look no further than Hillary Clinton's Vaccines for Children program.

From a 2003 report

"The panel of doctors and economists issuing a report on vaccines last week identified as a fundamental cause of the problem the fact that the government purchases 55 percent of the childhood vaccine market at forced discount prices. The result has been "declining financial incentives to develop and produce vaccines."


War Or Crime

Those of us on the Right side of things tend to think that Terrorism is a force against which we are at War. Those on the Left seem all to often to classify Terrorism as a Crime. Obviously, I think the Left is wrong.

The Terriorists

Since we're close to the election that's got everyone howlin' and yowlin', I'll start off with some votin' monkeyshines.

"Critics of the Diebold touch-screen voting machines turned their attention Wednesday from the machines themselves to the computers that will tally the final vote, saying the outcome is so easy to manipulate that even a monkey could do it.

"And they showed video of a monkey hacking the system to prove it. In the minute-long video produced by Black Box Voting, Baxter the chimp is shown deleting the audit log that is supposed to keep track of changes in the Diebold central tabulator, the computer and program that keeps track of county vote totals."

Tim's Webpage

And the winner is...

I swear, if everything Kerry says about Bush is true, then Bush sure is
a jerk. And if Bush is that big of a jerk, then Kerry is the worst
politician in the world for not running away with this race.

Bunker Mulligan

Left vs. Right

I've spent a little time thinking about the concepts of left/right, and decided to do some research on the web to find out why we define people one way or the other, and what that really means. I've come across a couple of discussion groups weighing the different things that determine where one sits on some graph. And everyone wants to have a graph.

A Physicist's Perspective

More on the Mexican border and terrorists

I posted before about the potential for terrorists to cross the Mexican border, and concerns some already have. Now, there are reports that a group of 25 Chechens wearing backpacks and with connections to the Islamic terrorists who have fought against Russia have crossed the Mexican border illegally. I discuss the need to improve border security, and several suggestions on how to do so.

Shining Light in Dark Corners

Bush: Believes He Follows Commands From God

This man is so scary. I find it incredible that he could get into this powerful a position. Anyone who is so sure of himself, so sure God commands him to act, cannot use any level of reason in his decisions. Given that too many of his advisors are from a similar belief, this Administration is truly on a crusade.