Sunday, November 07, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers November 7th, 2004

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No Joy In Mudville...

...for the not-so-mighty Kerry has struck out.

This year we've seen one Curse broken, and another kept intact. Not since 1918 had Boston won the World Series...and not since JFK had a Senator been elected President.


An interesting international take on the Bush re-election

The CS Monitor has an interesting article dealing with Bushÿs re-election. I find it interesting for two reasons. First, the article presents an international viewpoint that is not immediately and viscerally opposed to the US, Bush and any American activity. There are numerous quotes peppering the article with an international realization that Bush is here to stay for another four years. At the same time, the international take on that reality is one of cautious optimism, rather than the standard terminally pessimistic rhetoric we see coming from across the pond. The second interesting aspect of the article is that it concentrates almost wholly on the the desire of people around the world to see economic freedoms reinforced by Bush and his administration.

The Southern Conservative

Michael Moore's Strange Concession

Michael Moore spent autumn on his “Slacker Uprising” tour, crossing America campus-by-campus, working hard to get out the youth vote. He charged young people with the responsibility of changing their world! He called on 18 to 20 year olds to stand together during this time of crisis! He communicated his vision to the young with authority, strength, and boundless enthusiasm. Then, come election day, the young people of America resolutely arose from their sofas, turned off their Playstations, and with clear heads and thankful hearts, took a nap.

Liberal Utopia

Why Democrats Hate Americans A Fiskalogue

Miserably failing to pack along any mirrors, Dhimm al-Qrats once again saddle up that one-trick jackass of theirs named Blameothers.

The Unmentionables

Moral Values

They still don't get it, do they? The Big Losers are attempting to spin the seeming aberration of an overwhelming Republican victory (with heavy conservative overtones) on the opposition to gays and abortion. They have no frame of reference to understand the "sudden" importance of moral values in this election. They mistakenly believe they had successfully driven "morality" from the public arena.

They are wrong. Morality might have dozed for a while during the 90's, but our eyes are wide open now.

The Terriorists

Schrodinger's (Demo) Cat

AHM and me have been readin' a lot about some new buzz words flyin' around leftie circles. They're workin' overtime to figure out why they lost--which they can't--so they've decided to become the "reality-based community."

Now we canines really know about reality. We live in a minute-by-minute reality--if you can't see it, hear it, smell it, lick it, chew it, eat it, paw it, scratch it, poke your nose into it, or lift your leg against it, it ain't real.

Tim's Webpage

A Memo to Cable News Outlets

Stop saying 'too close to call' when you really mean, 'we don't have enough information.'

Yelling at the Windshield

So we're all just stupid, huh?

Is it SO difficult to understand, and reasonably speak to (without angry invective) this place where I abide?

A Physicist's Perspective

Democrats understanding (or not) their opponents

In the aftermat of the election, Democrats are having varying degrees of success at understanding why they lost the Presidential election, and what they can do to help be attractive to voters closer to the right side of the spectrum. I discuss a positive example, as well as a negative one, and how the issue may come down, in part, to the definition of tolerance that the Democrats are using.


But Should We Care?

Over on the other side of the pond, the Guardian has a roundup of what they see as world opinion as regards the election in particular and our role in a post 9/11 world in particular. Are they ever bitter over there.

Paulie World

What I Have Learned From Exit Polls

Paulie World Contributor Capt. Trevett lists the best of the web, based on his study of exit polls.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Winds of Evil Reviewed

My wife's debut novel, Winds of Evil, has its first public review, and it sounds like the reviewer thinks it's pretty good: "With the first book in her new trilogy, Sharon Gilbert bursts out of the gate with a talent for making you feel good, scared, on the edge of your seat, and dying for more. Winds of Evil introduces us to the characters, plot, and sub-plots of a spiritual thriller that will surely endure."