Sunday, November 21, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers November 21st, 2004

Daniel W. Casey’s Blog

From the Office of the Director III

Sometimes, in a reorganization, you have to focus on your key missions and competencies. Other projects, though interesting, might have to be put aside for the greater good . . .

Bill's Big Bloviating Blog

Chaos at the Symphony!

... about half way through the Mendelssohn piece, one of the violins poked their bow thingy into the oboist’s eyes. The oboe player jumped over the music stand and shoved the violinist right out of her chair. The conductor tried to break the two of them up, but one of the trombone players was married to the violinist and came to her defense, punching the oboist in the nose (probably not making the oboe sound any better)!....


Oh Man

I actually caught part of Rush the other day while he was offering his counseling services to any Democrats that might be suffering from post-election depression. The official psychobabble for the 'condition' is Post Election Selection Trauma or (you guessed it) PEST. Well, now some people in Florida have gotten their panties in a bunch over Rush's insensitivity. The article makes numerous references to Republicans taunting, gloating and being general meanies.

The Redhunter

The Video

No matter what the facts, there are those who will treat this as Abu Graib II. They will use this to bash the United States military and by extension all of our efforts in Iraq. You don't need me to relate their predictably hateful attacks. As usual, they ignore or downplay the horrendous abuses of the terrorist insurgency, yet any perceived mistake on our part, or the part of a single soldier, and we are condemned without mercy.

The Terriorists

Pity the Poor Piscis

PETA pushes penitence for piscatory persecusion.

Yeah, you read that right. The wackos are tryin' to tell us fish have feelings. I've lived with fish--well, they lived in their tank and I lived everywhere else, but you know what I'm gettin' at. All they did was swim and eat and poop. And make google eyes at us from the other side of the glass like some cartoon looney.

Now PETA would have us think of them as our brothers and sisters--provided you can figure out how to tell which is which.

The Unmentionables

Local Politics and the Electoral College

Homespun Bloggers are discussing the topic of whether the Electoral College is still necessary, should be changed or, perhaps, abolished all together. Enough people seem to think so the Pew Institute is doing a study on the question. (No link available--just information from someone involved.)

Paulie World

The Show!

We got to the show and dropped off our car with the valet.

There was a green carpet set up instead of a red carpet. It was the Environmental Media Association Awards, after all. Right when we got there, we saw Dana Delaney (of China Beach fame), looking splendid in a red backless dress get out of her car (Toyota Prius was the car de jeur.) She was closely followed by one of the major awardees, Daryl Hannah, also in red. Daryl is tall, as I found out later when we spoke. (How's that for foreshadowing?)

A Physicist's Perspective

Mexican border security and nuclear weapons

As part of my ongoing series on border security, I discuss news articles which suggested that Al Qaeda might be trying to smuggle nuclear weaposn, or nuclear materials, into the U.S. across the Mexican border. The concerns are probably largely unfounded, as at this point it's unlikely they have nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, they highlight the need for increased border security.