Monday, August 09, 2004

Best of Homespun Bloggers August 8, 2004

In Search of Utopia

More Thoughts on Black Conservatives

I don’t even pretend to understand how a person can be black and identify with the conservative movement. I dont understand how someone who has shared even a small part of my journey, can identify with the Rush Limbaugs and Ann Coulters of this world. I have people who I like who are conservatives... The Commissar, Kevin, Paul and Jay from Wizbang, I have also come to respect many others, even while fiercely disagreeing with them.

Speaking My Mind

These Aren't Right Wing Bloggers...

But Arab newspapers. Via the BBC's media monitors comes near-universal
condemnation of last Sunday's bombing of five churches in Iraq.

A few samples...

Daniel W. Casey's Blog

The Fascinating World of Massachusetts Gun Laws

I have been researching Massachusetts gun laws and the procedure by which one might go about buying a pistol in Massachusetts. I have discovered that this subject is a bottomless pit for time and effort -- as productive as deciding what really happened to Atlantis, trying to figure out who really killed John Kennedy, or doing a detailed audit of the Big Dig. There is a vast amount of conjecture on the subject, but only the lawyers know for sure.

Bunker Mulligan

Celebrity Challenge

I love stuff like this. Celebrities of all stripe feel they have something important to say, and have a venue for doing so. Of course, they consider themselves to be just plain ol' workin' folk, so their opinion should resonate. They are so accustomed to having people hang on their every word, they sincerely believe they have the answers.

The Doggy Diaries

MovaLog :: A Blog About Movable Type

I just wanted to share with you all a new blog I was referred to
today. It's called MovaLog, and it pertains to all things concerning
Movable Type. ...

If you currently use MT or are considering using it in the future,

I would highly recommend you head on over to MovaLog and get educated!
Arvind (the blog's owner) is a great blogger and an incredibly
knowledgable individual when it comes to MT. He even got me started on


Just having some fun

It seems a special investigator testifying in the Pvte. Lynndie
Englandÿs / Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal hearings has testified
that Lynndie and her brutish pals originally told officials that they
abused prisoners ´just for fun¡ - (ergo no senior officers involved)
...Will the talking heads in the media spend every waking second for
the next several weeks investigating every detail of this revelation? Will
they be even half as dogmatic in pursuing this lead, which could
vindicate Bush and his administration, as they were covering every
detail of Goreÿs screaming ranting diatribe?


Acid Rain prevents Global Warming (Audioblog)

You read that right!

Acid rain, the pollutant blamed for killing fish and
damaging forests, has a beneficial effect of reducing emissions of methane,
thought to be responsible for about a fifth of today's enhanced global
warming effect, researchers say.

Do we really want to set public policy based on science that we can't
properly predict? (Hint: No.)

The Commons

The Success of Feminism, by John Adams (Paulie World pseudonym)

"Since women have acheived such equality in society
today, whether or not a woman takes or does not take her husband's name
has become a non-issue. Indeed, I submit that "feminism" or "the
women's movement" or whatever you want to call it has been so
successful, there really no longer is any need for groups like NOW (or
people like Patricia Ireland and Gloria Steinhem for that

Presidents and Military Experience

In case you didn't know, John Kerry served in
Vietnam. In combat, no less.

According to the Democrats this makes him uniquely
qualified to be president. .

Their argument is that there is a positive correlation
between combat experience and performance as president
in foreign policy/military affairs. The opposite of
which is that if you don't have combat experience you
will be a poor president.


I opened the print edition of "The Australian" this morning, and turned
to the opinion page to find Robert Dallek's piece "What JFK can learn from JFK." The blurb, unfortunately only available in print, stated that "To beat George W Bush, John F Kerry should recall how John F Kennedy won his presidential election in 1960."


The Real Story

MY WAR - Fear And Loathing In Iraq has an amazing, 1st hand, account of what it's like to be up to your eyeballs in bad guys (via Wizbang). This post is wide open, unabridged and uncensored. Read it and gain some pitifully inadequate understanding of what it is to be in combat*. Here is a bit...but seriously, read the whole thing.

Then we were told to load up and go back to where we got ambushed. I'm not going to lie, I didn't want to go back. Fu[%$] that sh[*%], I don't want to get killed. That was the last place on earth I wanted to be. I was scared to death. But we had to go back, and we did.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

More OTMs on the Loose

A procedural question for those directing the War on Terror: Why should the FBI have the power to check our library or financial records, without warrants, mind you, when we're letting thousands of OTMs--illegal immigrants from countries Other Than Mexico--cross our southern border and setting them free on their own recognizance?

Revenge of the Hamster.

Eurovision. United Nations. Separated at birth? I provide the facts. You decide.

Point 1: Both have a corrupt voting system

You will note that, in Eurovision, competency, ability and/or musical talent has little to nothing to do with voting. This is because there are three main voting blocks: a Western Bloc (England, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg), a Northern Bloc (the Scandinavian countries plus Germany) and a Mediterranean Bloc (Turkey, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Greece and Cyprus.) Countries will, for the most part, vote for other countries within their bloc.

The Unmentionables

The Real Oil War

This item at "Slate" (found via Instapundit)reminded me of the dangerous silliness spread by extreme greens and their endless campaign to demonize SUVs in the name of conserving oil.

"Well, here's a surprising piece of news. It may not be. Cities throughout California—the nation's largest car market—prohibit the heaviest SUVs on many of their residential roads. The problem is, they don't seem to know they've done it."

The Southern Conservative

Still Running On Empty

Who’s handling the Kerry campaign now, Michael Moore?
From what I’ve heard, the seven minutes Bush spent
reading to those children on the morning of 9/11 was
a major point of Moore’s movie. I think that’s why
Kerry fielded a question about it this week. And, I
think that if Kerry had anything real to offer the
voters, he’d have responded differently. He’d have
said something like ”Look, quibbling about how the
President spent seven minutes of the worst day in
national history is splitting hairs. I’m not going to
dignify that kind of partisan distraction. I’m
campaigning on real issues and I have real ideas.”

Of course, Kerry doesn’t have real ideas. That’s why
the elites handling his campaign are ready to split

The Terriorists

Garden Day

Well, we had more company last weekend and of course AHM had to do yard work. Maury is a Jack Russell who visits off and on. At least he says he's a Jack Russell, but I think his dog mom messed around with a not-so-handsome stranger when no one was lookin'. Ya' gotta' feel sorry for Maury--he's got a new (human) little brother and both his parents work, so he doesn't get too much attention at home. It shows. (For all of you thinkin' about adopting a Russell, you better be home a lot. They are major high maintenance in the "I-need-attention" department.)

Bob Brown, Moron Extraordinaire

I know this is old news, but some old news much like old gold or old diamonds, is always worth re discovering, or in the case of yours truly just discovering.
That Bob Brown is a hypocrite, liar, cheat, deceiver and general all round moron is of no surprise to anyone with an IQ over 6. However sometimes one may feel oneself slipping into doubt, and begin to question ones own sanity. I mean after all, the ABC treats Brown as some kind of messiah. The stinking dread locked hippy set think he is no mere messiah he is in fact God.
There is a line in an old Styx song that may be of some relevance here. The song is called Cold War, and it concerns itself with politicians and God lovers making no sense, yet strangely making sense. The line goes,

"You talk talk and you get so intense
that you almost make sense
and that’s what scares me the most."