Sunday, October 31, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers October 31st, 2004

Yelling at the Windshield

Top Ten Reasons to Vote For Bush--Number 4

Democrats gave into basest instincts. And in doing so, they put themselves in the awful position of actually siding with and defending Saddam, of actually rooting for casualties and failure on the battlefield, of cheering when unemployment numbers rise, of cackling with glee when CEOs of major corporations do the perp walk, of denying that there's a war going on at all. It has been a shameful, divisive chapter in our history, and the people responsible for it, the Democrats, do not deserve your vote.

Tim's Webpage

Those Terrorists Sure Are Organized

Terrorists stumbled across a warehouse full of explosives. Then they rounded up about a hundred people and a few forklifts. They packed about 237 pallets of explosives onto 13 semi-trucks that can carry about 30 tons each, and transported them to their gigantic hidden warehouse that they keep empty for situations exactly like this...and they did all of that right under the nose of a hundred thousand troops.

The Terriorists

Cute House Horrors

Anyway, while AHM and me were walkin' and drivin' around the town, we started noticin' something curious--Halloween has become a big house-decoratin' holiday. Now most places just stick a themed wreath on the door or maybe a pumpkin or two on the stoop. Then there are The Others…

The Unmentionables

Already Looking Past the Election

In today's Washington Post, Richard Cohen has fired the first shot--and perhaps set the stage for the liberal left's future endeavors.

"I do not write the headlines for my columns. Someone else does. But if I were to write the headline for this one, it would be "Impeach George Bush." Of course, I realize there's no chance Congress would impeach the president at this point or under almost any circumstance. It somehow reserves its outrage for lying about sex under oath and not, as now seems clear, the making of war under false pretenses."

A Physicist's Perspective

Terror connection

A relatively recent news story which has received very little mainstream coverage indicates that Saddam Hussein's regime really did have connections with terrorists and terrorist groups.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

James Baker's Double Life

Here's a question: How can James Baker, President Bush's envoy to the world for Iraqi debt relief, expect any cooperation from Iraq's creditors when he's pushing a secret deal to make Iraq pay what it owes Kuwait?

Here's another: What are George Soros and Madeleine Albright getting out of this deal?


More On Abortion

Continuing my thoughts from before...

I've been trying to decide what I learned from the What is Choice? panel. Beforehand, I already knew their stances on abortion and the 'right' to choose. I did, however, learn two things. The first thing I learned added to my understanding of the 'other side' in a quantitative sense.