Friday, July 09, 2004

Homespun Bloggers Tech Support

This post will allow you to get in touch with the crack Homespun Bloggers Tech Support team. The services of these bloggers is free to any current or pre-approved (by Tom) prospective Homespun blogger. (Remember to replace "-AT-" with "@" and "-DOT-" with ".")

Tech Support (in no particular order):

Blogger: Disintegrator
Specialty: HTML / Movable Type / Webhosting
Contact: disintegratorblog-AT-gmail-DOT-com

Blogger: PajamaHadin
Specialty: Html, Internet Marketing, B2evolution, php customization of blog software, XML
Contact: mjmarshall-AT-theme-master-DOT-com

Blogger: Watermark
Specialty: See Blogging Blog
Contact: blogdiva-AT-gmail-DOT-com

Specialty: The BASICS of Movable Type, HTML, CSS, PHPBB and Photoshop
Contact: solomon-AT-solomonia-DOT-com

Blogger: Carpe Bonum
Specialty: "How to host your blog from your own home network,
basic template editing in Blogger and Movable Type, traffic counting
and whatever other miscellaneous questions I can try to dig up answers
Contact: cb-AT-carpebonum-DOT-net

Blogger: Patrick Hawke
Specialty: Wordpress
Contact: patrick_hakwe_1-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

Blogger: Eric
Specialty: html, Blogger template issues

Blogger: Jeremy Bol
Specialty: HTML and CSS, a blog on blogging called Pumping Pixels and three additional posts with all sorts of great info...1, 2, 3
Contact: jeremy.bol-AT-gmail-DOT-com

Blogger: Jay
Specialty: Movable Type and Typepad
Contact: radcen-AT-theradicalcentrist-DOT-com

Blogger: David Solomonoff
Specialty: HTML and some Unix for bloggers who host their blog on a Linux/FreeBSD/other Unix system where they need to use the Unix shell.
Contact: dsolomon-AT-nycap-DOT-rr-DOT-com

Blogger: Lennie
Specialty: html, cgi programming with perl, databases (MySQL)
Contact: xbip-AT-xbip-DOT-com

Blogger: Wendy
Specialty: html
Contact: darwendarwen-AT-yahoo-DOT-com

Blogger: Doug Payton
Specialty: Audio recording & editing
Contact: frodo-AT-thepaytons-DOT-org

Blogger: Jay Adkins
Specialty: HTML, Blogger Issues, Graphic Design and PHP
Contact: jadkins-AT-sunflower-DOT-com