Sunday, October 10, 2004

Best Of Homespun Bloggers October 10th, 2004


The Danger of Swing Voters

As part of an E-mail exchange about the first Presidential debate, my brother wrote about swing voters. I liked his response so much I asked if I could post it here. He agreed, and he's fleshed it out a bit more, so here it is.

"Swing voters are among the top five things of greatest threat to this country...."


Not terribly surprising

How surprising would it be for a group of European, big government, pro-labor, social democrats to produce a paper that claims Sweden and its socialist ways makes unionized workers happy?

How much less surprising would it be to learn that the International Labor Organization, a wing of the UN, had published the report and was spreading it around the world as a means of showing that Swedish workers were the ´happiest in the world¡.

The Therapy Sessions

My silly life

I gripe a lot on this blog. One would think that I am quite unhappy. But in reality, things are pretty good in my life, and this blog is just a way of letting off steam.

When I think about it, I live like a king.

Right now, a farmer somewhere is tending the calves that will make the milk for my refrigerator and the beef for my table. There are teams of doctors waiting to serve me should I fall sick, and engineers are ensuring that whenever I turn on a light, I will see light.

The Unmentionables

Voter Fraud

I kept trying to figure out how someone who registered twice--once as themselves and once as a dead/fictitious person--could actually get away with showing up at the polls and voting without getting caught. Part of my problem was that I have lived most of my life in relatively small cities and communitites where everyone was at least acquainted with one another and the odds of meeting up with someone you knew were great.

Then I received this e-mail from the Democrat Party.

Roosevelt Lied, People Died!

October 7, 1946
United States Senate

"Fellow members of the Senate, I have the duty to report to you that Franklin Delano Roosevelt lied to us about his reasons for initiating the Manhattan Project. Yes, the project that developed the atomic bomb was all based on a lie.

The Terriorists

Kibbles 'n Bits®

One day last summer Buck Wolf of ABC News decided to paw through all the stuff out there designed to make us canines happier and spiffier--or not, as the case may be. 'Course I don't need any extras, but for those less fortunate--or for those whose Alphas have bouts of Omega silliness that get crossed with their momentary lack of financial prudence--here's what's available.

Naturally heading off the list is what I like to call the "Kerry Enhancers" otherwise known as "Neuticles" for the anatomically altered. Now you can buy 'em with little microchips inside so when your candidate--er--companion--flips and flops, wanders in rhetorical circles, and generally can't figure out which way he's headin', you can find him again. If you want to.

Shining Light in Dark Corners

A Kerry Foreign Policy

Kerry has a much more reassuring view of the world. There are sound pragmatic reasons for that. Terrorism works by scaring a lot of people. Responding to terrorism with a Jihad of our own simply played into Al Qaeda hands. His recruiting depends upon convincing Muslims that America in on a new crusade with Israel to dominate and impose a Judeo-Christian culture on the Middle East. Bush's actions have played right into that view.

The Wandering Mind

The vast majority of Iraqis want freedom.

Like the Palestinians, the Iraqis must understand that freedom is a gift that must be earned. Their tacit support of the terrorists, by their inaction and unwillingness to help stamp out the evil, will disqualify them from participating in the fruits of real democracy and freedom.

Our behavior in dealing with the realities on the ground, is grist for a never ending soap opera. We are being told that the Muslim world need to be 'understood,' their 'feelings' and 'humiliations' are almost too much to bear.

A Physicist's Perspective

Your tax dollars at work -- opposing Bush

This week, I discuss how Planned Parenthood puts our tax dollars to work indoctrinating kids to oppose President Bush. Well, really, it's teaching them to be "responsible youth", which apparently means the same thing. Planned Parenthood also has some scary things it wants to teach our children.


Draft? What Draft?

AAAAAAHHHH! This is the sort of thing that makes my physically angry. As in the people at the LA Times are lucky I'm 3,000 miles away (via The Jawa Report):

Republicans Glad to Lose on Bill to Start New Draft

Let me get this straight. Charlie Rangle (D NY) introduces a bill to bring back the draft. Then it comes to a vote and is defeated with only 2 Yeas. Then the LA Times says that REPUBLICANS are glad to LOSE on the bill to start the new draft??!!

The Southern Conservative

John Kerry's Hometown Blues

When the Lone Star Iconoclast, a local paper in Crawford, Texas, endorsed John Kerry, some saw it as a home-town rejection of the president. However, as KWTX in Waco reports, Iconoclast publisher W. Leon Smith hardly represents the rest of Crawford. In contrast, the Lowell Sun in Massachusetts endorsed President Bush, and a Gary Younge article at The Guardian indicates that Kerry’s hometown agrees with their local paper: Come to Boston now...and you are struck by the blend of ennui and indifference that the local boy is up for the big prize.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Treatments for ED

Have you noticed that the biotech companies have quit pretending to market their drugs for erectile dysfunction to men with genuine medical issues? Saw an ad for Levitra tonight. It featured a beautiful spokesmodel gushing about a "strong, lasting" experience.

The ad's disclaimer caught my attention, too: "In the unlikely event that an erection lasts for more than four hours, seek immediate medical attention."

David M

John Edwards and dividend taxes

...Finally, for a bigger picture perspective, it is important to look
income taxes as well as dividend taxes. While the Democrats would have
believe that Bush pushed through a "tax cut for the wealthy," it is
important to keep in mind that the wealthy pay a greater portion of the
income tax pie under the Bush tax cut than they did beforehand. Hence
poor and middle classes pay a smaller portion. I do not know why the
Republicans are not trumpeting the point, but they should be.