Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #2 released!

We've started to branch out a bit in today's Homespun Bloggers Radio program. Along with the usual commentary, this show also has an "audio fisking" and a musical tribute to the troops out there on the front lines this Christmas. Featured Homespun Bloggers include; Mike from "Bunker Mulligan", Marty from "Never Sway", and yours truly, Doug from "Considerettes". Click here to start listening to "Homespun Bloggers Radio". (And the HBR button to the right will always get the current stream as well; no need to find this post.)

The "Current Show(s)" link on the right has both shows now running in a loop, and down below under "Homespun Bloggers Radio Archive", clicking on "Show 2" will allow you to download the program in CD-quality sound.

Listen in and let folks know about this. Again, the instructions for putting an HBR button on your site are here.

Enjoy the show!