Sunday, July 24, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers July 17th & 24th

Dr. Hartline

Conservative Rebellion

Are young people becoming more conservative? I once heard someone say
that my generation has an advantage over those in the 60s, because so
much of what is now the establishment is liberal (especially in the
Ivory Tower), "defending virtue today has all the exhilaration of

GrannyTiger's Reality Check

New HRT Study: No Rest for the Menopausal

In a new study coming out in the July 13 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, we're being told that menopause symptoms can rebound after stopping hormone replacement therapy. Well, duh. I could have told them that. Cold turkey equals hot flashes, with a vengeance...


More Eminent Domain Non-Action

I'll summarize: Democrats want to talk, study and generally delay. Republicans want to act.

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Democratic leaders of the General Assembly on Monday urged municipal leaders not to use their eminent domain powers until the legislature has time to consider changing the state's laws on seizing property.

Muslims Turning On Bin Laden - Or: We're Winning

The lie is so common that the media seems to report it as a matter of fact. "The War On Terror is causing more terrorism..." Now there is new evidence that the liberals are lying.


Counting the cost

Has the Iraq war been worth the cost? Rep. Diane Watson, a California
Democrat, adds it up and finds us wanting. However, she's missing (and
ignoring) a host of positive developments in the credit column.

The Redhunter

Shocked, Shocked!

So Tony Blair is shocked, shocked! that the London terrorists were indiginous and did not come into the country especially for that purpose, as did the 9/11 hijackers:

Tony Blair said it is "shocking" that the four suspected London suicide bombers are believed to be home-grown terrorists.
Unbelieveable. Anyone who has followed events in the UK knows that the Islamists are tolerated there, all in the name of "tolerance" and "multiculturalism."

Cursed by a Classical Education


Well folks, the MajorBaby is knocking on the door for her "Terrible Two's." As one of the gifts, the MajorFamily made a pilgrimage to the local mall to have some photos taken at our local Glamour Shots. It was a very informative trip to say the very least. However, let me elaborate...

Michael Fitch

Villainous Rove

The Lefties regularly make illogical leaps and bounds across chasms devoid of fact to put two things together that have nothing to do with each other. A few had the good sense to point out that, if appointed, Roberts will serve on the court for decades, while the Rove nonsense is a short term issue, so a SCOTUS nominee is just a shade more important. The response to this was usually, "We can walk and chew gum at the same time."...You people have been absolutely 100% wrong about everything, all the time, for all of history. That's your problem. You have a track record...

The Southern Conservative

On Harry Potter And Christian Parenting

It bothers me a little when I hear Christians voice the concern that Harry Potter has an evil effect on children. I try to take that concern seriously, and I suppose that it is a legitimate concern in certain instances. I insist, though, that Harry Potter could only influence a child negatively if the child is not benefiting from proper parenting. A child more influenced by Harry Potter than by his or her own parents has bigger and more immediate problems than Hogwarts.

Tom Tancredo is an Idiot

Representative Tom Tancredo is an idiot.

He is morally bankrupt, as is anyone who agrees with him that we should "take out" Mecca if the United States is struck by nuclear weapons planted by Islamic terrorists.

And if you can't figure it out from the title of the blog, I'm a conservative who is in favor of strong action in the War on Terror.

Don't Let Me Stop You

Abe the Gun Runner

On our return from vacation in France, alert Customs officials found contraband in our luggage: an illegal toy gun. Americans can rest easier knowing that the vigilance of our government has foiled another smuggling attempt.


Like Rats In A Corner

Michael Cristofaro alerted me to this today.

The NLDC (New London Development Corporation) has, in the grand tradition of a cornered rat, decided to get nasty and fight back. They have decided that since they have lost resoundingly in the court of public opinion that they are going to try to personally destroy their main adversary, Susette Kelo.


Tibor Machan on terrorism

Tibor Machanÿs recent discussion of terrorism and terrorists is worth reading.

In this article, Machan quite rightly notes that Islamist terrorists are not victimized innocents, forced into retaliation against a vicious, bigoted, unfriendly world or the excesses and unwelcome involvement of the western world. They are uncivilized bullies, thugs and murderers, operating at the intellectual and emotional level of a small, irrational child. Furthermore, they are quite appropriately described as childish, uncivilized thugs, even if we provisionally accept their incorrect charges that their current situation is wholly the fault of some other country, government, or religion.