Monday, September 26, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers September 26, 2005


Donÿt get stuck on stupid

Use it widely and often. Whenever some liberal activist reporter starts into the stupid questions, PLEASE tell them not to get ´stuck on stupid".


What's Wrong With the New New Deal

Is rebuilding a city with little or no federal funds really possible? Well, we did it before; 3 times in a 35 year timespan. Why can't we do it now?


A New Beginning

Arising like a phoenix from the cleared rubble of our offices, a new beginning:

It's a 30x10 trailer and will have to hold 7 or more people. But we'll manage. The back of the trailer which will be my office and one other is where my desk used to be in the old office. One of my bosses remarked that now I had a great view of the Back Bay. Which is true because Katrina wiped out the houses and most of the trees which were behind there.

Work has begun on the freezer and the newest section will be repaired first so that we can start freezing shrimp again. We maybe able to start peeling shrimp in about 3-4 weeks. There were a couple of seafood plants on the south side of Biloxi Back Bay that survived and arrangements are being made to use those facilities at night so we can go into production. A lot of our customers have contacted us via e-mail and are awaiting our product.


Leaving New Orleans

I've blogged few stories I've run across about people dealing with the aftermath of Katrina in various was, mostly good (1, 2, 3). Well, here is an account that is less than inspiring (expect, of course, that he survived):