Monday, November 08, 2004

Homespun Weekly Topic

Marvin (of Little Red Blog fame) has agreed to take on the momentous task of compiling links for the Topic of the Week. Here's the deal. On Sunday the topic will be selected and posted sometime after the Best Of (i.e., late Sunday or early Monday). Anyone interested can then post on that topic at his/her blog and email Marvin the link...and, of course, link to the Topic of the Week post at Homespun. Marvin will periodically post the links he has received. Links will be accepted until 5pm on Thursday.

Topic selection will go in order according to the Homespun Blogroll on the sidebar of this blog. Everyone will get a chance, albeit sometime in 2006 for some (sorry =)). I hope that everyone will take part and get some serious blog-slingin' going on.

Also, be watching for developments as we work out the details for some potential audio blogging, kindly (and thus far potentially) mediated by Doug at Considerettes.