Friday, December 03, 2004

Stop The Presses!!

Homespun Bloggers has been nominated for the award of Best Online Community at the 2004 Weblog Awards! Go vote and help send us to victory =).


Members of Homespun Bloggers are also up for awards (sorry I missed some of you earlier). Go vote for them! And remember, you can vote once per day, so vote early and vote often!

Homespuners up for awards:

Homespun Blog
Best Online Community

Best of the Top 500 - 1000 Blogs

In Search of Utopia
Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog

Best of the Top 100 - 250 Blogs

Louisiana Conservative
Best New Blog (Established 2004)

Best Australia or New Zealand Blog

It's A Matter of Opinion
Best Australia or New Zealand Blog

American Warmonger
Best Essayist

If any other members have been nominated let me know and I'll get you up here.