Monday, January 10, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers January 9th, 2004


No Hope For Annan or His "Reforms"

...efforts to patch up relations will have to be monumental to make amends for the damage the UN has caused to American interests and resulting costs in American lives and treasure. The UN clearly needs the US, but I see no indication that the US needs the UN. No amount of reform can fix this failed institution.


The 12th Edition of the Red Ensign Standard: Our roots are what make us strong

I requested the opportunity to host the 12th edition of the Red Ensign standard for a variety of reasons including; doing my part, an interest in seeing what the other Red Ensigners were up to, and giving a response to the trolls who have mounted a smear campaign against blogs that fly the Ensign. There were other reasons as well, but my primary reason for hosting the standard was that I am very near to moving my family from Canada, to the US. Having accepted a job with a firm in Arizona, I
wanted to have a chance to voice my love of this country and my continued desire to push for its betterment, before I head out.

The Governator throws down the gauntlet (Hooray!)

The Governator throws down the gauntlet (Hooray!)

Our "only in California" Governor spoke to the California Legislature yesterday with his State Of The State speech. Arnold was elected to make changes and yesterday he came out with both barrels blazing. He's at his best when he's in a fight, standing up for the people against big government and special interests. That story line has always worked for him in the past and he's sticking to it. He proposed a number of
significant reforms directed straight at some of the most entrenched power groups and interests in California government. The courage and sheer audacity of a governor taking on these sacred cows should generate some excitement among the voters.

Just War Theory - Introduction

For the next few weeks I am going to intersperce normal posts with a series on Just War Theory.

Just War theory is divided into two parts; jus ad bellum, which concerns the decision to go to war, and jus ad bello, which concerns conduct in war.

Each of these contains several parts. Each will be discussed and related to to War on Terror.

Bird's Eye View

The tsunami brings the expected challenge to faith

Any time a disaster of significant magnitude happens somewhere in the world, a very old question reemerges. Questions about "how can God allow such suffering?" have been around as long as the concept of God. Right on cue they are back again in the wake of the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean. The people who raise this point either have a very simplistic understanding of God or are not really interested in the answer.


Who Should Help?

USS Neverdock has some good comments on a true POS from the Guardian. I think that this particular piece reveals, yet again, the backward mindset of liberals. George Monbiot asks why it is that so little has been done to help the victims of the Tsunami and then writes:
Why is it that Mr. Monbiot (too close to Moonbat for comfort, I think =)) takes for granted that it is the job of the American and British governments to provide help to these people? Where in the Constitution of the United States of America is there a provision authorizing Congress or the President to designate funds to provide monetary assistance to anyone, let along foreigners?

Paulie World on Gary Gordon and Randy Shugart

The Last Medal of Honor Recipients
Shughart and Gordon

This week's Parade Magazine's Personality Parade section, which I read every week, mistakenly states that Army Captain Humberto "Rocky" Versace was the last recipient of the Medal of Honor. Randy Shugart and Gary Gordon, fine fellows who were friends of a very respected friend of mine, were the fellows who went to the aid of the "blackhawk" that went "down."

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Sorry, Lucy, They're All Human

Lost in the aftermath of the tsunami was news that a world authority on fossil human anatomy just completed the first complete study of the 200 or so skeletons of our ancestors, from Australopithecus through Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. His conclusion?

They were all modern humans.