Monday, August 08, 2005

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Steve Benson, CAIR and the 1st Amendment

For those who missed it, Steve Benson (an Arizona Republic political cartoonist) published a cartoon recently that has captured the attention of local Muslim activists ... To put it simply, the claim that the cartoon was a direct attack on Muslims or their places of worship was outrageous ... Muslim voices (whether moderate or fundamentalist) have not been silenced by Bensonÿs cartoon, to claim otherwise is an attempt to remove freedoms from Benson that they are claiming to possess. Once again, you cannot claim a right to infringe on a right - freedoms and rights are generic; they apply to everyone, equally. While they may not like Bensonÿs representation of their reaction to the terrorist activities of some Muslims, American Muslims need to remember that in America people have a right to say things, even if they donÿt like them.

We donÿt operate under Sharia law here and noone who appreciates the 1st Amendment is going to outlaw speech whether it is in favor of, or against, Allah/Mohammed/Islam.

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Galloway's latest treason

Rodents like London mayor Livingstone and Galloway, he more so than Livingstone, are carriers of the decay that incubates British-born and based terrorists, and of the malady that forces London subway commuters to question the capacity of their own protectorate to simply tide them to work and play without being slaughtered in and on their own tracks.

Galloway has offered himself as a symbol, and must burn as such.

The 9/11 carnage was symbolism via television, as are the threatening video tapes by angry men in black turbans, the turban colour itself symbolising a man at war.

The British commuter of August, 2005, she with her cane, he with his toddler and Harry Potter story book, are only too aware that life-snuffing immolation at the altar of Salafist symbolism may be an instant away.

So when a representative of one's own troops and people stands before them and the enemy cheering on the latter and denigrating the former, let's not pretend this not to be a dangerous symbol, maliciously crafted in a time of war.