Friday, July 09, 2004

Technical Notes Etc.

This post will contain updated information for Homespun Bloggers. Don't get to excited, none of this is just won't be of any interest except to Homespuners.

Homespun Bloggers Tech Support

Items found in this post:
1) Hotlinking the Homespun Bloggers Button
2) Blogrolling Javascript (and trouble shooting)
3) Best Of submission format
4) Topic of the Week submission format.
5) Audio Blogging

1) Hotlinking With The Homespun Bloggers Button

Feel free to choose your favorite button to hotlink from these (provided by Liberal Utopia).

The code for hotlinking is as follows:

<a href=""><img src="" border=0 alt="HOMESPUN BLOGGERS"></a>

This will place the Homespun Button used here at the blog. If you want to choose another style just replace the address with the one of your choosing.

2) Blogrolling Javascript And Other Code

We also ask that each member maintain a list of fellow Homespun Bloggers using one of the following code methods:

Java Script

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>




This Blogrolling account is set up to show only the 35 most recently updated blogs. In theory, each time you publish a post on your blog you should be moved to the top of the list autmoatically. However, some blog services seem to not ping Blogrolling upon publishing. If you experience this problem you can manually ping using this form.

There will be a complete list maintained manually on this blog.

3) Best Of Submission Format


Homespun Bloggers can now send their Best Of submissions via the Conservative Cat's Carnival Submission Form. It's quite straightforward and shouldn't give us any trouble, but if you do need assistance just drop Tom a line and he'll be more than happy to what he can.

We will still accept Best Of submissions by direct email (as outlined below).

Please send submissions to Tom at mudphud11-at-yahoo-dot-com.

Following this the format that all Best Of submissions must follow (because reformatting 30+ sets of code drives me nuts =)):

Name of Blog as a link to the post of interest (make sure to use the permalink)
(blank line)
Name of Post (but not as a link, just text)
(blank line)
Excerpt (short paragraph, no more)

Also, remember to remove all links from your excerpt, as the purpose of the Best Of is to direct people to your blog, not to your sources.

Here is a good example:

The Southern Conservative

The Cinema Politik

I’ve decided to re-examine some of the movies we saw
this summer, and as it turns out, most of them were
deeply political and profoundly meaningful. I’ve
followed the lead of journalists and film critics
everywhere and adopted the liberal agenda while
analyzing these films… you might be surprised at what
I now realize was there...

4) Topic of the Week submission format

The Topic will be posted here at Homespun on Friday evening NLT 6:00 p.m. Central Time.. All submitted links are due by 5pm on the following Thursday.

Send the permalink of your post and the title of your blog to MajorDad1984 (majordad1984 at gmail dot com).

5) Audio Blogging

This feature is currently in the development stages. CJ has offered to host and organize the initial run. Here (and here) is the discussion so far and be sure to check back for updates.