Thursday, November 11, 2004

Audio Blogging

Just so everyone is on the same page about the potential audio blogging. Doug (of Considerettes fame) has offered to host it. To contribute an audio segment, he suggests that we keep it to a couple of minutes whether it be a monologue or some sort of audio fisking (depending on your own desire and technical knowhow).

As for the technical issues, all you need is Windows and a microphone (mac users in the know could leave technical directions in the comments). You can find the recording program by the following: Start Menu --> Programs --> Accessories --> Entertainment --> Sound Recorder. Then just plug in a the mic, hit the record button and wail away. From what I gather the output could get large, and so the best thing to do might be to convert it to an .mp3. That can apparently be done with a free program found here. If there are any questions I would suggest directing them to Doug at "frodo at thepaytons dot org".

If you're interested definitely let him know so we can get this thing rolling.