Sunday, December 05, 2004

Homespun Bloggers Best Of December 5th, 2004


Be Thou At Peace....

Last night I posted that I had a friend whose husband was missing in Iraq......a typo. It was Afghanistan...I knew that, just typed Iraq instead.

This morning I found news of the missing aircraft on At that point, the reports were acknowledging that an aircraft was missing, but that an emergency locator beacon had been picked up, still leaving hope. Unfortunately by this afternoon, the beacon had been found at a crash site in the Hindu Kush mountains. The report was not optimistic, the word survivors wasn't used.


The worst polluter in the state of Washington

News reports indicate that a new source of pollution is choking the pristine airsheds of the state of Washington.

This new source of pollution is blatantly ignoring both state and federal air quality regulations while it daily spews out tons of carbon monoxide, CO2, NOX, and SOX. One news report indicated that this polluter is releasing as much as 250 tons of sulfur dioxide, ´the lung-stinging gas that causes acid rain and contributes to haze´, per day.

The Redhunter

Where are We? Part II

In the light of more research, it would appear that the pessimistic tone of the post I made immediately after the fall of Fallujah was not entirely warranted.

One key to victory ... may be within our grasp; killing them faster than they can replenish their ranks. Victor Davis Hanson points out that the al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq seem not to "...know the requisite numbers of dead or wounded Americans necessary to break the resolve of the United States...." They lack any military sophistication. Such an ignorance is quite in contrast to that of Mao Tse Tung or Ho Chi Mihn, for example, who were well versed in military theory.

The Terriorists

Wow! Finally a Homespun Bloggers question I can answer! Sort of…

"What, in your mind, represents the single greatest long-term threat to the United States of America, and what should be done about it?"

Okay--I think our greatest long-term threat are all those Schrodiner Demo-cats. Ya' know who I'm talkin' about--those Blue State people who think the Red Staters are livin' in some alternate universe and they're the only "reality based community."


Killing Babies...And Children

This is absolutely amazing...although sadly not surprising:

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - A hospital in the Netherlands - the first nation to permit euthanasia - recently proposed guidelines for mercy killings of terminally ill newborns, and then made a startling revelation: It has already begun carrying out such procedures, which include administering a lethal dose of sedatives.
In an obvious and pitiful attempt to muddy the waters:

Paulie World

A Needed Apology

This is a Paulie World insider story, but if one were of a mind, the following list alone should get one wondering:

Dan Rather
Hillary Clinton
Susan Estrich
Katie Couric
Elizabeth Edwards
Terry McAuliffe
Wayne Newton

With that, our correspondent Nathan Hale is back.

Rock on, dawgs.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Is It Time For Christians to Give Up Christmas?

The descent of America into open paganism is disturbing, yes. But are Christians getting worked up over losing control of a "holy day" we were never commanded to celebrate in the first place?

Dagney's Rant

Contribution to Culture?

Yep, that is what they were being awarded for at the Kennedy Center gala [hat tip: Drudge Report] in D.C. last night;

"[Elton} John, opera diva Joan Sutherland, conductor John Williams and actors Warren Beatty (news), Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee were honored Sunday with a star-studded tribute at The Kennedy Center. The six recipients of the 27th annual Kennedy Center Honors were saluted for their lifetime contributions to American culture through the performing arts."