Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #5 released!

The fifth Homespun Bloggers Radio program is on the air! This is a special edition edition of HBR on the topic of Social Security. Here's the list of contributors:
  • Jay has a couple of segments. One (representing his blog The Radical Centrist) notes that to have a reasonable and honest discussion about Social Security, we have to understand the program as it really is and how it was intended to be. Representing his other blog (The Bird's Eye View), he gives us a bird's eye view of the Homespun Bloggers group and reports on how some of us are covering this topic.
  • Derek (Weapon of Mass Distraction) asks how people lived before Social Security existed, and wonders if we dare consider how senior citizens managed before the New Deal?
  • Doug (Considerettes) gives the history of the politicization of this issue among Democrats who now say there is no crisis.

To listen, click here or on the "Homespun Bloggers Radio" button to the right. The current audio feed is a loop of shows #4 & #5. Also, you can click here to download a CD-quality version of the show. (Scroll down on the right side to download previous shows.) The 3 previous shows can also be heard by clicking here or on "Previous Show(s)" beneath the HBR button.

Homespun Bloggers: If you're interested in participating, E-mail me at "frodo at thepaytons dot org". It's open to all members.

Visitors: If you'd like to get on the air with HBR, just join our band of bloggers and you're eligible. (And immediately getting over 100 links to your own blog ain't so bad either!)