Monday, February 07, 2005

Homespun Bloggers Best Of February 6th, 2005

Dr. Sanity

Challenger - A Flight Surgeon Remembers

On January 28, 1986, I was at Cape Canaveral in Florida. As a NASA Flight Surgeon, I had been assigned as the Crew Surgeon for Mission 51-L (noone really wanted the job since many disapproved of having a civilian--the teacher in space--fly on a space mission). The crew had trained together for over a year, and I had come to know them all very well in the course of the training and medical preparation. I had been at the Cape for over a week and the launch had been scrubbed several times for a variety of reasons. I had been staying in a cheap motel in Cocoa Beach as we waited for weather to permit the launch attempt.


No doubt he upended his world considering this

There is one concept that many in the mainstream press, academia, Hollywood, and the leftward ends of politics just cannot brook. They hate the very thought of it. In their cloistered world, even suggesting it as a possibility is cause for a puritanesque shunning or the application of the scarlet ´C"... To those steeped in the Vietnam era, blame America first mindset, seeing America accomplish something positive and good is a horrifying and crushing blow to their ideologies.

The Terriorists

Shrink Rapped

One of my favorite blogs is Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred which bills itself as a tribute to those three men by "…an admiring psycho-therapist." As the subhead claims, the site is "…dedicated to the world of bloggers, many of whom exhibit more than mild symptoms of various personality disorders."

Just War Series - Right Intention

Right Intention means that not only must we have sufficient cause to enter into war, but we must have the intention of seeking a just and lasting peace

A Physicist's Perspective

Does the cosmos reveal a creator?

I report back on a lecture and debate/skeptics forum with the title, "Does the cosmos reveal a creator?" Two members of the Intelligent Design movement recently spoke in my area and I was able to attend their lecture and subsequent mini-debate with two atheists. In this post, I report in detail on the event.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Outing Joel Osteen

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, has issued a wakeup call for evangelicals. He says it's time for evangelicals, especially evangelical bloggers, to unmask Joel Osteen. But what's wrong with a pastor whose church seats 35,000?

The Commons at Paulie World

Just what is the deal with the DC license plate, "Taxation Without Representation?" Read one position here, with comments from Bunker Mulligan and Amy Ridenour.


Not What Makes America Great

I just ran into an interesting Op/Ed by Mark Brown that made a few impressions on me (via Drudge). First off, I hope that he is representative of his liberal cohort and the successful (and largely peaceful) voting in Iraq will at least begin to bring President Bush's opponents around to his side. But the thing that struck me most was the general feeling I from reading the piece. Specifically, that the attitude Mr. Brown displays in this piece is not what made this country great. He starts out ok with: