Sunday, March 20, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers March 20th, 2005

Bill Karl

Baltimore's Sammy Sosa, the only man to hit 60 home runs in three different seasons, is among seven players being subpoenaed by Congress to appear this Thursday at hearings investigating baseball's steroid scandal. In addition, the committee has demanded a variety of documents and records, including before and after photos like the ones shown above.

Eric's Random Musings


I promised to post more of my "When I Wore Green" the other day in a comment, but I've been somewhat stuck on what to post. Not that I don't have a lot of memories and many that are worth sharing, but nothing was quite inspiring me. Today, as I realized that summer here in California was quickly approaching I started thinking about the men and women of our armed forces who are in the Middle East. And remembering just what that part of the world is like in the summer time. To tell you the truth, unless you live in Phoenix you probably have no real idea of what summer there is like.


It's not like they weren't warned that Kyoto was going to be expensive

The full cost to Ottawa of meeting Canadaÿs targets for fighting global warming under the controversial Kyoto accord could exceed $10-billion, senior federal cabinet ministers have been warned. Thatÿs twice what the federal government has budgeted so far for Kyoto.
Watch for Kyoto cost estimates to hit $40 - $50 billion by the end of 2005. After all, the Canadian government will have to start buying credits for some 300 million tonnes of CO2 in the next few months. If you are very generous and allow that their "plan" to reduce emissions will cover 200 million of those 300 million tonnes (it won't), the remaining 100 million tonnes, at an unreasonably low estimate of CDN $15 per tonne (expect the real number to be around CDN $60 + per tonne), will cost $1.5 billion.

Its A Matter Of Opinion

Get Out Of My Life!!

Here in Australia it will take nothing short of a secret agent in your house watching your every move to provoke our apathetic arses into some form of revolt. Don’t worry though, it’s on the way.


"The Naysayers"

To those caught up in the headline of the day, it is easy to see every setback as evidence that we are going to lose and that we better pull back now. Successes seem minimal, and losses are magnified. It is the nature, and indeed the duty, of the press to tell us of what is going wrong. But by concentrating on this we lose our perspective. For if one goes back in history and looks at any war that we have fought from the Revolution on, they are far from glorious stories of victory where we all linked arms and marched off to defeat the enemy.

The Southern Conservative

Hot 97, Al Sharpton, and Sunday Morning

For me, it’s the beginning of a strange day when I find myself drinking my morning coffee, reading the newspaper, and commenting to my wife about how I agree with Al Sharpton. I’d hope it’s obvious that the coffee and the newspaper aren’t what made the morning seem weird to me.

The Terriorists

Imitatin' Humanity

Don't understand humans killin' humans, 'cept maybe durin' a war. I know there are bad people out there who seem to like kilin'. And there are probably some bad animals out there with the same problem. For the most part, though, when we kill stuff it's for eatin'. 'Course there's always the survival of the fittest part to be considered. Ya' don't see a antelope herd on the run from a cheetah takin' time to stop and help the old or very young who can't keep up. For thousands of years it was only the fastest, healthiest, and smartest who made the grade--at least until we figured out how to con humans into protectin' us. (You might wanna' rethink that "dumb animal" label. You don't see us deprivin' ourselves so you can
have a nice house and yard, do you?)


Affirmative Discrimination

A few days ago I briefly ranted about the official Affirmative Action policy at the University of Happyland (where I work). Georgina (Release the Hounds!) commented that she disagreed with me and that she is planning to discuss this very issue at her blog. Although I don't think she's started in on this yet, I had a minute and thought I'd make another comment or three. Here's her stand:

Weapon of Mass Distraction

MythArc Radio Podcast #3

MythArc Radio #3 features the first half of our two-part interview with Dr. Michael S. Heiser, a scholar with a Ph.D. in Biblical Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages. His studies are very closely related to the theme of the MythArc, the spiritual war that has raged since Adam and Eve walked in Eden.

We asked Mike about the nature of the supernatural world:
* What is the Divine Council?
* What implications does the Divine Council model have for
Christian theology?
* Why should Christians care?