Monday, March 07, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers March 3rd, 2005

Just War Series - Discrimination

"The principle of discrimination means that one may not licitly make attacks in which noncombatants are directly intended to be killed" The words "directly" and "intended" are critical. However, before we can even discuss these concepts, we
must sort out what constitutes "combatant" and "noncombatant" status. We will also discuss how much risk our forces should accept in order to avoid killing noncombatants.

Three Men and a Blog

Let’s protect the Telecoms!

Municipalities are now exploring providing their residents with free Internet access. Towns such as Austin, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Residents get the benefit of free internet access, (at this stage) the towns get a little free publicity, and the businesses hosting the hotspots get more traffic, and potentially more sales. When a service is provided by the government, the potential to be a boondoggle is great – even greater when technology is involved