Sunday, May 08, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers May 8th, 2005

Blog d'Elisson

Ice Cream Summer

Buried deep in the Archives d’Elisson, there is a photograph of me, my parents, and a Good Humor truck. One of these days, I hope to find that picture and post it. Because I’m the one driving that Good Humor truck.

Yes, Elisson was the Good Humor Man for one distant, dismal summer back
in 1973...


Babes and Arms: The CHildren of Darfur

It's a common practice - giving children paper and crayons to keep themselves occupied for a while. Human Rights Watch workers did just that when visiting a refugee camp in Chad while they interviewed adult survivors of the Sudan genocide. The unexpected results were reported on television last night by BBC World, and are described here in the The Scotsman ...


Classic Liberal arrogance

If a vote in the House, which indicated that Parliament no longer had confidence in the governing Liberal Party, was passed, one would think that this was an open statement of non-confidence in the government.

That's not how the Liberals see it though. They donÿt care what the majority in Parliament thinks or says. Theyÿre just going to stay in power.

The Redhunter

Casualties of War

Yesterday I caught Liz Trotta for a few minutes on Fox News during their 10-12am show. The issue being discussed was war casualties.

The question was whether the war was being "sanitized" by the mainstream media. The charge is that by not showing "enough" U.S. casualties Americans are developing a "video game" mentality towards war.

Liz thought the charge to be utter nonsense and so do I, for two primary reasons.

Don't Let Me Stop You

The Real Cause of Inflation

We see lots of reports on TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. about higher prices for oil or higher wages or low unemployment causing inflation. Bunk. These are not causes of inflation but effects of inflation. A rise in the price of one thing, even something like oil that is used for many other things, does not cause a general price increase. The real cause of inflation becomes apparent once we use the correct definition of inflation. In a nutshell: Inflation is a decline in the value of money...


Deadly Force

A while back there was this pizza delivery guy in Niagara, NY apparently minding his own business and doing his job late one night. A couple of kids (allegedly) tried to rob him and (after sustaining a serious beating) the pizza guy fired one .40 caliber round, killing one of the punks. He fired the shot because he saw a gun in the hand of the now deceased punk. Turns out the gun was an "air pistol" that looks a lot like a Walther PPK (you know, James Bonds' gun).

dagney's rant

Showdown in Congress

This story makes it sound like a catastrophe if the President loses a nominee, namely John Bolton. The writer of this piece, Richard Bennedetto, sounds almost hopeful that the defeat of Bolton would result in the defeat of larger Bush agenda plans.