Monday, August 15, 2005

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Righting America

"Able Danger" - Liberal Silence is Deafening

Ever notice how Liberals (and extreme Conservatives, to be fair) CLAM UP when there is a story that derails much of their past rhetoric? Enter the revelations of a little known military intelligence unit, "Able Danger."

If you are a Liberal reading this for the first time here, I am not surprised. It turns out that the Clinton administration, the FBI and the Pentagon all chose NOT to listen to information that was being presented to them, by this military intel unit, that included the names of at least FOUR 9-11 HIJACKERS - including Mohamed Atta.


Super Sized Lie reprised

A little while back, I posted a note about Morgan Spurlockÿs purposefully misleading screed against McDonalds, ´Super Size Me´. The short and sweet version was that Spurlock massively ramped up the number of calories that he ingested - to approximately 5,000 each day and then purposefully limited his physical activity. Not surprisingly, Spurlock gained weight.

I am reprising the story here, however, because another person has recently engaged in a McDonalds only diet and came up with significantly different results.

spinbadz own

The noughties oil shock

Japanese who are old enough to remember sometimes refer, with disquiet, to the "oil shock" of the '70s. The impact of that event there may have been much more profound than it was in other first world countries.

The flowering in Japan of nuclear power stations, it's go-lightly approach in diplomatic relations with OPEC, the fortune spent on obtaining coal, the societal attention to energy conservation - all these things have a range of possible explanations. The residual oil shock mentality in a country of limited mineral resources can be argued to be a pervasive driver.

Are we in the west currently going through another oil shock? Can we learn from Japan in dealing with it?


Jersey: Worker's Paradise


Court overturns ruling allowing ship's captain to carry a gun

A state appeals court has reversed a ruling by a Warren County judge that allowed a sea captain to carry a gun while guiding ships along the New Jersey coast.
But the New Jersey Superior Court's appellate division found that the judge erred when he determined that Atanasio met the "justifiable need" requirement to carry a concealed firearm. The appeals court noted that apprehension by people who work around potential terrorist targets is not enough to allow them to carry a firearm.

On Cindy Sheehan and Sir Winston Churchill

Cindy Sheehan claims that she wants the troops brought home now so that no other mothers must suffer as she has. On this I have two comments...