Monday, May 02, 2005

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Just one more reason

All it takes to be rich - or in the top 10% of earners - in the eyes of the Canadian Federal government is an annual income of $64,500 (USD $51,600). Trust me folks, earning at that level does NOT even come close to making one “rich".

It is truly pathetic that the Canadian government views $65K per year as a line between middle class and rich. Where is the encouragement for Canadians to do more with themselves? If this is the level at which one simply sits back and says to themselves, “I have arrived; I am now ‘rich’ “, this is just one more reason I am happy to be moving to the US.

Mondo QT

deep qt recipe box: 4x4x4, part one

"How has blogging changed your life?" Charles Willeford was a great
American pulpster of the 1950's paperback original school. In the 80's,
he wrote a series of more mainstream crime novels set in South Florida,
describing a landscape impacted by public corruption, real estate
bubbles, drug crime, illegal immigration and a overall culture of

Carpe Bonum

Canada to Americans, drop dead

But it's not what you think.

Turns out today's American deserters aren't getting quite the same welcome that American draft dodgers did during the Vietnam war.

We're Winning

The Naysayers have had their day. While much could still go wrong, we turned the corner some time ago and are on the way to wrapping this up. The terrorists will create trouble for awhile, but the prospect of their taking control of the Iraqi government is now remote.

And I'm not just talking about the success of the elections and formation of a new government. I'm talking about defeating the insurgency, killing the terrorists and/or chasing them out of Iraq.


Human Cloning

These sorts of things disgust me:

The Case for Cloning Humans

Controversial? Yes. But this approach might just be the best way to understand and treat otherwise intractable diseases | By Ian Wilmut
The Bull Speaks!

Rosie O'Donnell: A "Hanoi" Jane Wanna-Be

"She also equates herself with “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, stating that Jane was the only person with enough guts to say what “we” were all thinking..."


There Is Always a Price to Pay

On Tuesday night, the State of Missouri carried out the execution of convicted murderer, Donald Jones. Mr. Jones’ crime was the stabbing and bludgeoning death of his grandmother while he was high on crack cocaine. He then took her automobile and traded it for more crack.

Don't Let Me Stop You

Humpty Dumpty Egged On?

Our recent post about Humpty Dumpty's successful lawsuit in Omaha, Humpty Dumpty Wins Big, prompted this comment from Steve Donohue:
"My question has always been: where is it ever said that humpty dumpty is an egg? It doesn't say so in the rhyme, but he's always depicted as such. "

Clearly, this is a fertile area of ovology. Indeed, the actor in the Omaha World Herald photographs is clearly oviform, but where is the support for this notion? Moreover, as Mr. Lyons says, "The question is: Did he fall or was he pushed? And who was behind the Grassy Knoll?" To deal with these questions ab ovo we return to Mother Goose herself...

Assumption of Command

SPC Gavin J. Colburn, a view from an outsider.

Part of the job of being a company commander is representing your unit at different events. I feel it is important to show support for other units and the things they may or may not be going through. This week I attended the Memorial Ceremony of a true American Hero: SPC Gavin J. Colburn.

Emily's Craziness


Taking a quick break from reading/writing about Chaucer's Knight's Tale and post-modernist critical theory. It's kind of interesting. What I've been reading about critical theory, I mean. It seems to me that theorists have taken a slightly more realistic turn in the newer stuff from the last 15 years in comparison to the somewhat idealistic and rather minority-oriented criticisms of the previous 40-or-so years...

...Theorists in general are beginning to "turn away from dense philosophical considerations toward practical, cultural criticism", and recognize conventional ideas of identity society as "hybrid" and constantly shifting...

Weapon of Mass Distraction

A Second Opinion

My 15-year-old daughter weighs in on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the

The movie…

Rocked. Oh what crazy rocking it did. It was, of course, better
than the BBC version that we all had to deal with in order to appease
our appetite for a real live Guide…but this is faaar better. Oh it is