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The Far Side of the Bell-Shaped Curve

Everyone should have at least one great passion in his or her life, an interest that fires the imagination and impels one to action. Some people find that passion in their work and toil happily away, some successful, some less so. Others find their Great Driving Force on the playing fields, where they pursue greatness through feats of endurance and skill. And others find it in the arts, creating great works of
painting, sculpture, or music.

And then there are those with /hobbies/...

Cursed By a Classical Education

Back to the Minuteman Project

Okay, I've held my tongue long enough. Try as I might to let this story slide, I just can't. At the risk of this becoming an anti-immigration blog (which it's not), I'll have to address the issue of the Minutemen in Arizona.

Here's my reference story from Netscape to give you just a little background...--


Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

As a public service, for those who have trouble understanding government bafflegab. Here’s a translation of McLellan’s response: the right and ever so very honourable Anne McLellan has no idea why the affidavits were prepared. She just thought that it would make for a neat statistic.

She also knew that that statistic would be taken by her sycophants in the media and her indirect employees in the Coalition for Gun Control and trumpeted around the country as “proof” that the firearms registry was a real value-added product, for the bargain price of $2 billion and counting.

Just keep repeating the number of affidavits that were produced Anne …keep repeating them … and repeating them, despite the facts that Breitkreuz just showed the world that you have no (zero zilch none nada) idea why they were produced and that you have no idea whether they were just more AdScam-style busywork for bureaucrats with mortgages that need to be paid.


Drudge vs. Everybody

I was just reading this NY Observer thing and an old thought was resurrected. I've watched a number of conservative commentators rise to national prominence and, literally at the same time, a number of liberal counterparts try to match them, fail, and fade rather quickly into oblivion...or at least back to whence they started. The Conservatives I'm thinking of are Rush and Hannity on the radio, Hannity and O'Reilly on TV and Matt Drudge on the internet. I honestly don't know the Liberal side as well, but there have been a number of would-be Rush competitors (including Rudolph Giuliani) who have not fared well. The common denominator of the successful Conservative commentators is that they rose to prominence by virtue of being selected for their skills as commentators. Those on the Left, in contrast, seem to be selected for such commentator slots based on previous (and almost always unrelated) stardom.

Bunker Mulligan

I finished reading the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, and much of the text focuses on definitions. It is worth your while to read. Perhaps the comments I’ve sent to the FEC will give you some idea of where they are going with all this. Here is the text of my comments. I also sent copies to my Congressman, Senators, and the White House expressing my view that BCRA must be repealed.

Book Review - "Commies" by Ronald Radosh

Born a "red diaper baby" in 1937, Radosh grew up surrounded by communists. He went to "commie camp", where he saw guests such as Paul Robeson and Pete Seeger perform. Among campers were the children of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. It was a matter of faith that the Rosenbergs were innocent victims of American fascist repression.


Go Ahead and Kill Them...But No Pictures!

It is interesting that Mulligan claims to have sponsored this bill out of concern for the health of the unborn, because earlier she voted against a ban on partial birth abortion. Apparently she feels it is ok to kill a partially born fetus, just not to take pictures of it.