Monday, January 17, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers January 17th, 2004

The Bull Speaks!

Go Directly to Jail

"Did your pulse quicken a bit the last time you looked in the rear-view mirror to see a police cruiser right behind you?"


Vancouver and public transit

Not sure what it is about the air in Vancouver, but every few years the terminally dense within the class of people calling themselves socialist (and living in Lotus Land) start into their routines about transit fare hikes and attacks on the poor/students/working class.

Competent Authority

This is Part 2 of my series on Just War Theory. The other parts covered thus far are:

1. Just Cause

The next test that must be met in order for a war to be Just is that of Competent Authority. Only states with the legal authority to declare war may do so. Generally private armies and individuals may not engage in warfare.

There are several questions that we must ask in orderto determine if this test has been met:


Evolution And Scripture

David has decided to take on a question (that I asked here) in a short series of posts (so far: Parts 1 and 2). There is no doubt that David has a far stronger command of Scripture than I do, so I will not try to counter his arguments point by point by citing conflicting passages (if they exist at all). Rather, I will offer a few thoughts that occurred to me while reading his posts. My purpose is only gain better understanding of his position and of my own.

The Unmentionables

Thomas Paine-in-the-Ass

A few years ago, when I first began running through the fields of information and commentary on the Internet, I noticed a reoccurring theme: Thomas Paine had somehow become the patron saint of libertarians, moderates, and slightly-right-of-center blogs. Many posters even used his name as their nom de guerre. In fact, if
you were (are?) ignorant of American history, you would get the impression Thomas Paine single-handedly instigated, fought, and won the Revolution, then moved on to write our Constitution and its attendant Bill of Rights.

Not quite.

The Terriorists


When I was a pup in California I liked playin' whack-a-gopher. Not the game you humans play at an arcade with the rodents poppin' out of holes while you pummel 'em with a club--or the on line version. No, this was honest-to-god whack the actual gopher dead.

The View from the Firehouse

Emory’s Story

This is the story of how my daughter came into my life. My wife Zena and I have identical twin sons who were 2 years old when we started trying for our third child. It had been about three years since we started consciously trying to get pregnant when my wife found out that she was 9 wks along in September of 2003. We were both ecstatic about the news.

The Commons at Paulie World

This week Paulie and Paulie World contibutor Patrick Henry have a discussion about economic opportunity and certain aspects of capitalism. Mr. Henry professes to not believe in capitalism, or something. Paulie loves free markets.