Monday, March 28, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers March 27th, 2005

Blog d'Elisson

Burying Paul

It is a gloriously sunny spring day, and we have a job to do. We have to bury my friend Paul.

Less than a week ago, Paul had been presiding over his family’s Passover seder. He and wife Andi were making preparations for elder son Alec’s Bar Mitzvah in two weeks. Now Andi stands at a graveside lectern, bravely swallowing her tears as she says her last goodbye to her husband of eighteen years. And now, with tremendous courage, Paul’s two young sons take turns delivering their own farewells to the father that just three days before had been playing and joking with them.


They got one right

For all the grief I give the Canadian government, I have to admit that this time, they got one right.

The Canadian government has denied Jeremy Hinzman (and perhaps, by extension, other deserters from the US military) refugee status in Canada.

The Bull Speaks!

Well, get out the Kleenex box

"I don’t remember what all Capt. Ziegler said, but he mentioned “Your wife, a marine forever”."

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Mother Arrested For Trying to Stop 14-Year-Old’s Abortion

This story has been lost in the news from Florida this week, but it deserves just as much attention: A woman in southern Illinois was arrested March 17 for trying to stop her 14-year-old daughter’s abortion -- after her daughter was taken out of school against her specific instructions.


Damn it! Stories like this make me sick with sadness and rage:

BEMIDJI, Minn. (AP) - A high school student went on a shooting rampage on this Indian reservation Monday, killing his grandparents at their home and then seven people at his school, "grinning and waving" as he fired, authorities and witnesses said. The gunman was later found shot to death. It was the nation's worst school shooting since the Columbine massacre in 1999.
Citizen Blogger

And then there's this reason to have a Living Will

So let's just say that you fall down and hit your head, God forbid, and become comatose or awake in a vegetative state. Boy, that's a hard sentence to start a story with, isn't it? The point here being, you are unable to speak for yourself. Now let's say that you do have a right to live and you would like to exercise said right with hopes that friends, family, citizens, judges, and doctors will fight for you to stay alive. So far, so good?