Thursday, May 12, 2005

Return of the HomeSpun Blogger Symposium

I'm MajorDad1984 and there's a new sheriff in town!

Actually, I volunteered to take over Marvin Hutchins' role as the moderator of the HomeSpun Blogger Symposium weekly feature. Marvin, many thanks for running the show for as long as you did. I hope I can follow a class act like yours.

As a contributor, I always appreciated the thought provoking questions that the Symposium posed to us out in the Blogosphere and I'd like to see it continued. Those of you who contributed in the past, I know you'll support the effort. To the silent majority, and since we rarely got more than a 5% response to the Symposium question of the week, I'd like you to join us in providing input.

I'll be more than happy to accept questions, statements, or topics you'd like to see covered by the Symposium if you send them to me: majordad1984-at-gmail-dot-com (does that really help cut down on spam?)

I think I'd like to change the schedule of submission. I'll post the Symposium topic/question on Friday by 6:00 p.m. Central Time each week. That gives most of us the weekend to put together some thoughts and post them to your blog.

After you post them...send me the title of your submission as a link to that page and I'll post it to the main HomeSpun Blogger site to share with others. Same email as above works for me.

What say ye HomeSpun Bloggers? Will this work?

See you on the high ground.