Monday, October 17, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers October 16th, 2005

The Redhunter

On Hate and Self-Satisfaction

Why do some people hate George W Bush so much? A pious urge to feel better about ones self, or self-satisfaction, is part of the answer, I think.

Collecting my Thoughts

1616 So how's that working for you?

is a favorite expression of Dr. Phil after a guest has just spilled her guts about how badly she messed up her life and that of 37 other people. I've been wondering that about FEMA. For all of you who want more federal interference in our health care system, have you been watching the response? Let's skip New Orleans. I don't care how good FEMA might have been, it couldn't have overcome the Blanco-Nagin disaster response team.

Blog D'Elisson

Life and Death

In Judaism, we have plenty of commandments to observe: 613 of them, to be precise, although not all of them can be observed in the absence of a Temple and sacrificial cult. But, with rare exception, *none of those commandments is more important than the need to save a life.* The Hebrew term is /pikuach nefesh/ - the preservation of life – and it trumps all religious duties.


Schoolyard Bullying

The morning DJ on my drive into work today was talking about a recent survey that found something like 60% of students report witnessing some form of bullying every day in school (perhaps along these lines, but I can't seem to find the actual 'recent' study). When I was in middle and high school there certainly was a good (or perhaps, bad) amount of bullying going on, and I'm sure it has not gotten better.

The Bull Speaks!

The Cell Phone & Freedom

"I can’t help but to wonder how some of these protesters would have felt had they stood looking down on the carnage of Gettysburg on the third morning, or had they been at Pearl Harbor, Omaha Beach, or Iwo Jima."