Monday, November 21, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers November 21st, 2005

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A change coming in African-American voting patterns?

An historic first; an local NAACP leader switched to the GOP. Does this portend things to come better than the polls do?

Nickie Goomba

Hurry! They're going fast

Thanks to Rhod for the spiffy idea

Conservative Cat

Can Santa Claus Save the Democrats?

David at Third World County made the following observation in response to Doctor Dean Turns Out to be A Quack.

Collecting My Thoughts

Time for a new notebook

and I don't mean a computer--the old fashioned, use a #2 pencil, 6" x 8", spiral bound, hard cover, lined paper notebook. I don't write these blog entries out of the air, you know, (well, sometimes I do). I read and take notes in long hand, then I think and decipher my scribbles and look for links to see what American Daughter or Dr. Sanity or Jane Galt or Neo-Neocon and Barbara Nicolosi are writing about. Usually, they aren't blogging about my topics, but that takes another two hours. Anyway, a notebook can last for three months, but the last one was begun on September 1, and I had way too much to say about Katrina and the liberals who claimed the federal government should be the first responder. So by November 1, I only had 15 pages left. I actually ran out on the 14th, and was scribbling in margins and on the covers. So today, it is officially, NEW NOTEBOOK DAY.


Flying Spaghetti Monster


Anyway, check this out.

Thoughts by Seawitch

Justice Reaffirmed

Some how I missed the first decision made by the Mississippi Supreme Court on October 13 to deny bond to Edgar Killen. That despicable member of the degenerate Klu Klux Klan who played a direct role in the murders of three civil rights workers, James Chaney, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman in 1964. I was disgusted when Judge Gordon released him on bail.

Ales Rarus

Shut Up and Fill the Prescription

There has recently been a great push in the world of women's health to consider prescription birth control (oral contraceptives, IUD, DepoProvera, etc.) not only a "right" but indeed a necessity - the "standard of care," if you will. The fact that ever-growing numbers of registered pharmacists are refusing to fill legal prescriptions for such birth control has caught the attention of quite a few powerful pro-choice and "feminist" groups, who have made it their goal to force such professionals by law to fill all such prescriptions with no questions asked. As a practicing pharmacist, I would like to try to address this issue.