Monday, October 24, 2005

Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #10, released!

Homespun Bloggers Radio hits 2 milestones; our 10th show and our first since starting podcasting. We have some of our regular voices, some old voices returning, and a new voice, not to mention music from the band of one of our own Homespun Bloggers.
  • Tom Carroll, of MuD&PHuD and founder of Homespun Bloggers, starts off with a welcome and some thanks to folks for listening and contributing.
  • Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium brings the London Report; a tale of two Davids, and the latest from Open Europe. Also appearing on HBR is his band, "Growing Old Disgracefully".
  • Doug Payton, of Considerettes, talks about his "discovery" of podcasting, and mentions some of his favorites (Shelley the Republican, Money Matters, Slashdot Review, and The Transmission).
  • Derek Gilbert, of the blog Weapon of Mass Distraction and the podcast Peering Into Darkness, reads between the lines in regards to avian flu preparations.
  • Amelia Latella, granddaughter of famed commentator Emily Latella, speaks out on the California ban on phishing.

You now have 3 ways to listen to HBR:
  1. Streaming audio (click here or on the HBR button on the right for the current shows, or click here or on "Previous Show(s)" beneath the HBR button for some of the recent previous shows)
  2. Download the show (click here or on "Show 10" down below in the right)
  3. and now the Podcast (click here or on the "Podcast" graphic on the right, copy the URL into your podcast software)

Homespun Bloggers: If you're interested in participating, E-mail me at "frodo at thepaytons dot org". It's open to all members. All you need is a PC and a microphone!

Visitors: If you'd like to get on the air with HBR, just join our band of bloggers and you're eligible. (And immediately getting over 280 links to your own blog ain't so bad either!)