Monday, November 28, 2005

Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #11, released!

In this edition of HBR:
  • Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium brings the London Report, a tribute to the pioneer blogger "Mama Bear", and his experience with the digitial distribution of music.
  • At Andrew's suggestion, we have a song by a friend of his, Mitch & the Distractions, about celebrities who like to get photo ops of them "Wavin' at the Poor".
  • Jay Dean, of The Radical Centrist and The Bird's Eye View, warns that politicians tend to package up a problem and a solution to that problem in a way that is more often self-serving
  • Doug Payton, of Considerettes, gives his post-mortem on the vote to bring the troops home now. The Democrats got what they asked for, but not what they wanted.

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