Monday, February 27, 2006

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Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn

Islamic Terror Pays dividends In Germany

Germany, weather they know it or not, has become a victim of black-mail.

Much of Islam has managed to turn itself into a victim while at the same time perpetrating perpetual acts of violence all across the globe.

Successfully having become both the offended and the offender at the same time.

Conservative Cat

Laura Talks to Jim Glassman About the Ports

Today on Laura Ingraham's show she had a long discussion with Jim Glassman about this column in which he said some pretty nasty things about people who oppose the sale of six U.S. ports to Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. Despite Laura's initial anger, the conversation ended on a fairly friendly note.


Support Denmark

Like I said, I think it's rather rude to insult one's religion. Over the past few weeks (or however long this crap has been going on) I've been telling myself that I have not posted the cartoons for this very reason. However, as I've given the issue more thought it has occurred to me that I may very well be using politeness as a weak excuse. The thing that really brought this to mind was seeing this shirt (which I mentioned previously). I went through the thought process of I-want-one --> No-that-would-be-rude-to-innocent-Muslims --> Am-I-really-just-afraid-to-wear-it? So, while I may not spend the $19 to buy the shirt I will post the cartoons here because I think the principle of free speech, in this specific case*, trumps that of minding my P's and Q's. As things stand, if you are Muslim and offended by what follows please feel free to let me know that you're angry. But please include a statement that indicates that while you disagree with what I say you would be will to defend to the death my right to say it (and remember that the 'West' is not the first to produce such images).