Sunday, January 15, 2006

Best Of Homespun Bloggers January 8th and 15th

Once More Into the Breach

Malaysia, A Warning to the West

Malaysia has tried to placate the Islamists only to find themselves on the defensive against a effort to bring the whole country under the sway of fundamentalist Islam. Tiptoeing around the obvious has bought them only more trouble. It is a warning to Europe and North America to stop the post modern multiculturalist movement and take control of their societies.

Conservative Cat

Notes from Ferdy - An Important Political Message

I have here a very important Flash video. Though it's intended for liberals, I'm posting it here in a spirit of cooperation and bi-partisanship. The video does include a music track, which I'm told is one of Chuck Brown's free MP3s from


Change is in the air

I have moved Musing to a new domain -

The move was prompted by my desire to start using that domain and a desperate need to upgrade my blogging software. The spam comments were killing me.

Over the next few days, I will fix up the links and get things running smoothly again. Feel free to head over and check out the new site and please remember to upgrade your links.

The Redhunter

"Why We're There" (Iraq)

We on the right are guilty of letting the left frame the
debate about Iraq. President Bush is in reaction mode, only recently going
on the political offensive against his Democrat antagonists.

Look at how we argue; liberals howl about how Bush said there would be
WMD and we found none. Conservatives retort that a president cannot
ignore his intelligence chiefs. The left presists in its loony "Bush
lied!" mantra, conservatives roll their eyes and make jokes about how the
Democrats are now the part of Michael Moore. The left thinks the war
unwinnable, the right counters with facts and logic.

But there are good reasons why we are in Iraq, so let's go through

Little Bit Tired, Little Bit Worn

Angry Humanists

I find it interesting that this blogger asserts that Dawkins has done in this show what others have been attempting to do for thousands of years, disprove God [*discuss their views and prove them on national television*]. No one has disproven the existance of God up to this point in time, yet Dawkins managed to do it in one television show? Amazing!

The Farce Report

Samuel Alito Hopefully Gets Grilled this Week

Samuel Alito will be spending most of the week getting grilled by the U.S. Senate, likely to be placed among the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Since we're in round two for George W. Bush's pick for the Supreme Court, I suspect this will come to pass. And hopefully, not without a colorful fight.

Fitch Is Always Right

Just Say No

How long, if legalized, will it be before the same anti-capitalist losers are suing "Big Marijuana" for it's adverse effects on people? You just know these litigious cretins will be out there, "Scooby Doobie Doggy" is targeting young children. "Heroin Horse" is designed to market heroin to underprivileged minorities. Those eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevillll Marijuana corporations, how dare they. That's tantamount to genocide, or at least slave ownership.

Below The Beltway

Can Islam Save Itself?

The idea that there will someday be an Islamic Reformation,
and moderate Muslims will be able to "save" their religion from its more
radical followers is in some sense the basis for current American
policy in Iraq.



man i was just thinking that i didn't know what to do but i tried really hard and maybe i could just go you know

just go and get something done i mean sometimes or maybe all the time i wouldn't even care what as long as it was something as long as i could affect something outside myself

The Liberal Wrong Wing

My Judicial Philosophy Part 1

Watching the Alito hearings these past couple of days, I began to think about my own judicial philosophy. And when I look over the Constitution, and my interpretation of it, I find my judicial philosophy to be much more conservative than I really am, although not on the major issues like abortion. And I come to find that I'd really enjoy being a Constitutional lawyer, or perhaps a Supreme Court justice some day (quit dreaming Kev). Perhaps I shall consider such a job. Just in case the whole President or in the very least Senator thing doesn't work out (again, quit dreaming).

The Young Conservatives

Iranian Uranium

Sanctions won't work, talking won't work. This man has a
singular mission, to "wipe Israel off the map." We have to protect Israel;
there is no compromise, there is no appeasement; we tried that in WWII.
It didn't work then, and it won't work now. The only choice to support
the prosperity of a Country that stands as a shining beacon of hope in
the middle of a region overrun with hate.