Monday, January 24, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers January 24th, 2005


Now we're just going to work harder

To the brave ILF warriors, fighting for the oppressed (chuckle, snort) all you have done is encouraged the people at these sites (and I am quite sure many others) to pick up their efforts to get their message out that much further. You have also proved your own inability to engage in rational discussion and shown your beliefs to be wholly lacking in merit. If the only way you can get your message out is to engage in acts of vandalism and destruction, the world will quickly see your ideology for what it is - a necessarily destructive and unsupportable assault on a free and rational society.

Dr. Sanity

Defending Against The Reckless Hate of Islam

This does not inspire much confidence in Homeland Security (hat tip: Instapundit); and this is just plain scary (forgive the pun). If true, it could really dampen your enthusiasm about air travel.

A volunteer at Two Inaugural events

I volunteered for two events: "A Celebration of Freedom" which took place Wednesday from 4-6pm, and the Constitution Ball, which was Thursday night.

Following are photos of both events.

A Physicist's Perspective

The Establishment Clause and Evolution

Kevin Drum (with a positive link from Instapundit) has suggested that teaching any alternatives to Darwinism in the classroom violates the establishment clause. I discuss his argument, and give a hypothetical example which (I believe) proves he is wrong.

Eric's Random Musings

Cold War Soldiers

I was a Cold War soldier. It was a very different time to be a soldier. The military was not looked on as an honorable profession, nor were soldiers (including marines, airmen and sailors) looked on as competent, intelligent and capable. Nearly half of the Army's recruits would not be acceptable in today's military since they either didn't have a high school diploma, had horrible entrance exam scores or had been in trouble with the law. If you were off base in a uniform you rarely got treated with respect.


Fun With Guns

A while back I posted some stats illustrating just how much more dangerous doctors are than guns. For anyone out there who might have thought I was serious I'm sure that the misunderstanding was due to you being unable to physically see the protrusion of my cheek caused by my tongue. Although I have no idea how widespread this particular misperception is, I do know for a fact that one person thinks I was serious and took me (indirectly) to task for it. Ken (being a verb, apparently) replied to all of this with a mathematical tour de force proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that gun nuts are, in fact, nuts (and stupid too). The reason I'm dedicating valuable* electronic space to this issue is that Ken not only accused gun lovers of using questionable mathematics, but he also employed them himself.

Little Red Blog

US, China, and EU Issues

Gertz’s column from the Washington Times, briefly noted here, needs further attention. It is surprising that it has received so little analysis from the blogosphere thus far, or perhaps we are all just focused on other issues. And speaking of other issues, it seems we are rather quite on yet another significant China related issue, the EU and arms sales to China.