Monday, January 24, 2005

Homespun Symposium X

Paulie, of the Commons at Paulie World, notes before asking this weeks Homespun Bloggers Symposium question, that it'll be a little more lighthearted, given we have the fate of the world resting on the elections in Iraq later this week.

This week's question:

"I've notice that a seemingly large proportion of the blogosphere is composed of "cat bloggers." What are the political parties your cats belong to, and how did you derive their determination? Please reply for each cat, with examples. If you do not own a cat, could you post on how you think cats determine their political affiliations (purely speculative, I know), or why cat owners are such nuts for their cats?

Dog owners: You know dogs are either Greens or Whigs. Please explain the Greenness or Whiggery of your dog(s).

File under: first and only cat blogging in Paulie World"

After posting your response, email marvin at marvinhutchens dot com with the link and it'll be added below.


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