Monday, May 16, 2005

Homespun Bloggers Best Of May 16th, 2005


Judge Runs Cover for UN

If there was ever an example of why we need to end the judicial tyranny we are experiencing in this country it is the fact that a US Judge (appointed by Bill Clinton) has ruled against the US Congress in investigating the UN Oil for Food Scam...Congress should immediately suspend all payments to the UN and its agencies until full disclosure is made. Its time to get us out of the UN! And its time to get judges who favor American democratic institutions over the likes of Kofi Annan and the cabal of thieves who occupy the UN headquarters.

black lace mittens

It's just too early in the morning to consume this much WHINE!

There is an interesting little flame-war (OK, not so little, as it has the attention of many influential bloggers) between Roger L. Simon and the UN Dispatch.

Eric's Grumbles Before The Grave

Bloggers: The New Pamphleteer

Perhaps, for those who haven't read a lot on the American Revolutionary era, a bit of background is needed. The 18th century saw the rise of the pamphlet as a major mechanism for communication. Prior to relatively inexpensive printing, the primary means of communication in Western societies, just as in all other societies in the world, was oral except for the wealthy. The wealthy could purchase, or otherwise access, books, but they represented 1%, or less, of the population. Ideas, it is true, did move throughout the upper classes, the nobles and priests and wealthy merchants. But very little in the way of new ideas were communicated outside that group because of the inherent limitations of oral communication. After the invention of the printing press, continuous improvement soon brought the cost of printing to the point where a person of moderate means could afford to buy a book or, indeed,
to have a pamphlet printed.

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Bird Flu, Swine Flu...and Now Dog Flu

Greyhounds are dying at racetracks in Florida from an unusual strain of influenza, and it’s possible that it may spread. There's nothing to stop it from spreading from greyhounds to household pets. More ominously, though, is the observation of virologist Dr. Henry Niman: "Atypical influenza outbreaks in the spring of 1918 preceded the deadly pandemic outbreak in the fall. The signs of unusual spring influenza activity appear to be erupting worldwide in the northern hemisphere."