Sunday, June 19, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers June 19th, 2005

Black Lace Mittens

Just got off the Subway.... friend and I decided to take the boys to the
Indiana Dunes for a picnic and day at the beach. We
stopped at a Subway store in Chesterton, Indiana to
grab some sandwiches. Oh, Jared, where were you when
we needed you?????

Collecting my Thoughts

"We're going back to the funeral home this morning to finish our "pre-need" plans. We've learned a lot through this process and talked about things that just never came up in 45 years of marriage. For instance, flat, markerless cemeteries that look like prairies with urns of plastic flowers have little appeal, but we both liked the mausoleum, something we'd never considered. Some areas we just never came to an agreement, so we've pledged, "I'll do what you want, if you'll do what I want." No amount of talking was going to budge either of us."

Blog d'Elisson


Acidman and Dax have been waxing poetic about a Great American Institution: the Southern Breakfast. As a Northerner-by-birth who has been happily transplanted to the South and who has lived everywhere from New York, New Joisey, Connecticut, Texas, and Georgia, I feel qualified to throw my own two cents’ worth in on the subject...

Texas Trifles


Anyone who spends more than 5 minutes in our house becomes aware of my passion for old things. From sepia-toned ancestral family portraits hanging in the den to the 1910 Singer sewing machine in the entryway hall to the refinished dining room furniture purchased with Grandmother's first Social Security check, I feel a comfort, a link with the past.


Regulate Everything!

...except murder clinics:

A Kansas City abortionist is out of business after investigators discovered a grisly house of horrors at his clinic – with fetuses kept in Styrofoam cups in his refrigerator and one employee accusing him of microwaving one and stirring it into his lunch.

The Redhunter

Back to Basics

With all this talk about Guantanamo Bay and Dick Durbin dominating the news, we need to get back to the basics of why we are fighting this war. I've heard several complaints from the left recently, and in this post I'm going to take them on.