Friday, June 10, 2005

Homespun Symposium XXIV

This week's been a slow week in the blogosphere at least for me as I've been contemplating the loss of one of our own Mike Reed aka Bunker Mulligan.

In honor of Mike, who was laid to rest today in his native Texas soil, this week's symposium asks that you reflect on Bunker as you...a fellow blogger knew him, how did he make an impact in your life, and how did he play a part in your blog career?

There have been many touching tributes posted across golf, political, and military blogs this week addressing this, but I'd like us to post to our own sites...and I'll post the links here. I know that the family has been overwhelmingly positive about these kind words about their husband and father. This can also be something to share with the generations to that they can know what a great man their grandfather, greatgrandfather, and beyond was.

Mike Reed aka Bunker Mulligan
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Proud to have known Mike...on the high ground.


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