Monday, October 24, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers October 23rd, 2005

Grizzly Mama

From Sunup to Sundown?

This article, which I found via Homeschool Buzz tells the story of a homeschooled young man who attained a perfect score on his ACT. It's a wonderful story - and one that supports my belief in homeschooling - except that I take issue with the statement at the beginning of the article. It is this:

"Daniel studies from the time he wakes up until the sun sets, and his studies are paying off."

The Bull Speaks!

Terror Survival, my big ol' butt!

"I’ve just wasted 15 minutes of the short amount of time I have left on this planet reading a pile of shyte called a Terror Survival Handbook. Here’s the list of items they suggest you have on you at all times."


Goldstein On Language

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom has been developing a bit of a theme that boils down to the seemingly simple concept: Language matters. The concept is so simple, methinks, that we tend to not notice when someone (or some group) hijacks the very words we use to express our thoughts (paging Mr. Orwell). Here's a bit of his latest post on the subject:


On Plame-gate

The New York Sun has an interesting op-ed on the Plame-gate situation, noting that most of the recent media hype seems to be based on weak logical foundations ... The Dems appear to be missing the fact that they are far from scoring a death blow against the Bush administration here. Once again (as evidenced by their drooping public ratings) they are coming out of this investigation looking like petty, partisan hacks that willingly turn a blind eye to leaks in general and then actively use the information derived from leaks when they stand to gain from them, but then scream bloody murder when an, at best, questionable ´leak¡ might possibly gain them a few political points. Theirÿs is a naked and transparent grab for power, not an attempt to clean out corruption in DC. If they were serious about addressing corruption, they would have to demand indictments for themselves just as vigorously.

The Redhunter

Syria: Threat Assessment

Following is the Theat Assessment regarding Syria that was jointly written by myself, Marvin Hutchins of Little Red Blog, and Bill Rice of By Dawn's Early Light. An introduction and explanation of these "Threat Assessments" can be found in my post on the matter here.

Following is our assessment of the threat to the United States posed by Syria, as of June 2005.