Monday, December 05, 2005

Best Of Homespun Bloggers December 4th, 2005

Collecting My Thoughts

Wash before and after eating

Wash before and after eating fruits and vegetables. Have you ever tried to prepare a salad following the new guidelines for contaminated food? It appears that fecal matter is traveling with them to the stores, restaurants, and our kitchens. I just washed some mixed salad greens. First I washed my hands for 20 seconds; then I dumped the greens in some sudsy water, rinsed, and put them in a drainer, and ran water over them. By this time, I'd contaminated everything in sight, so I washed my hands again, and wiped down the sink and counter top. Then I laid out some paper towels and dried off the greens, which by this time were looking a bit poorly. Then when I tossed out the paper towels and the plastic bag they came in, I decided I was probably contaminated again, so I washed my hands again. I repacked the greens in 2 bags, and wiped down the counter tops and sink again. No, I don't have OC disorder, but if you don't follow some complicated sanitation guidelines, your first unwashed salad could be your last, or at least send you to the hospital with bad diarrhea.

Righting America >>>

Joe Lieberman says "Our Troops Must Stay!

There are politicians who place their (relatively) insignificant careers above their national calling, and then there is Joe Lieberman - who spoke his conscience (at grave political risk) through the Wall Street Journal after having just returned from his fourth trip to Iraq

Hubs and Spokes

The Heart of the Matter

Prior to Roe v. Wade, questions over the legal and moral
status of abortion were settled in an appropriate manner: through the
political process in the respective legislatures of the 50 states. The
debate was informed by the moral judgment of the citizenry and elected
representatives responded to the desires of their constituents. Roe changed
all that. Suddenly, a medical procedure of (at best) questionable
morality had become a Constitutional right, and the laws of the various
states were invalidated in a most anti-democratic manner. The result was
the end of any reasonable debate over abortion and the start of seemingly
endless social conflict between the pro-life and pro-abortion camps.


Reproductive Choice: The Big Lie

In my daily meanderings across the World Wide Web, I came
across a newspaper article regarding a poll that indicated that increasing
numbers of young women feel that unrestricted abortion should not be
available. That was refreshing, and I am glad to see it, but I took
special notice of a response to that article from a gentleman who is clearly
pro abortion.

Grizzly Mama

High School Diplomas and Homeschoolers in PA.

Although PA is a state with high regulation in regard to homeschoolers - we are lucky in that we have the PHAA - Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accredidation Agency. PHAA's high school diploma is recognized by the PA Department of Education.

Unlike the GED - which many homeschoolers are forced to get in order to attend college or join the military - there is no stigma associated with PHAA's diploma.