Monday, January 02, 2006

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A faked memo-ry?

If you can get around Ann Coulter’s desperation to be more
important in this recent column, she still makes an excellent point. She
notes that, since they can’t win in elections, the liberals are
targeting Republicans in the courts. The problem is that in pretty much every
case they have brought, the Democrats have no legal or moral basis for
targeting these people. The only reason the Dems are bringing charges
against these Republicans is that they are dangerous to the Democrat’s
political aspirations.

The Conservative Cat

Confused Americans for Truth - Abusing Ben Franklin for Political Purposes

Ben Franklin once said "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Dr. Franklin turned many a clever phrase in his day, but that doesn't mean he has the last word in discussion of the Patriot Act.

The Redhunter

Will the Real Journalist Please Stand Up?

It has become a staple of conservatives that "you can't trust the msm and the best information about Iraq is on the Internet". I keep looking for something to prove that proposition wrong, but the harder I look the more it is confirmed.

The Washington Post and Louisville Journal-Courier have once again proven the proposition to be correct.

The Liberal Wrong Wing


An outlook of the political environment for 2006.


The Coming Conflict

Kevin over at The Smallest Minority has a great (and very long) post in which he seems to be looking for a way to define the opposing sides of what some see as the developing conflict within the US. The whole thing is quite involved so I won't try to summarize it further than that.

The point I want to bring up here is that I believe not only is there a developing conflict but that we are, at the very least, in the thick of the opening phase. As I mentioned in the comments, Thomas Jefferson recognized that societies have the tendency, if not the surety, to eventually fall from the Grace that is freedom and civil government when he said: