Monday, December 12, 2005

Best Of Homspun Bloggers December 11th, 2005


Too Funny (War On Christmas)

This is odd. Now, I've been running away or laughing at tales of Christmas Wars this year, because I think the whole thing is silly.

But then, I see this (emphasis added)...

Grizzly Mama

It's official. The studies have now been studied.

Socialization of homeschoolers is no longer an issue.

"Susan McDowell, author of "But What About Socialization? Answering the Perpetual Home Schooling Question: A Review of the Literature,” has researched 24 studies on the socialization of homeschoolers, according to Bristol Herald Courier. "It’s a non-issue today," said McDowell, who earned Ph.D. in educational leadership from Vanderbilt University. "All the research shows children are doing well.""

The Redhunter

Getting Chilly Outside of Walter Reed

Last Friday, Dec 2, was the first really cold night in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

But although temperatures were low and the wind blowing, spirits were high among the Freepers who showed up to counter the Pinkos.

Every Friday night the radical leftists group Code Pink show up at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital to hold a war protest. And everytime a crowd of patriots show up to counter them.


Misdirection On Tax Cuts

This happens literally every time I see an article on tax cuts. Here's how the Washington Post puts it:

Mover Mike

Why I Said Murtha Is Right appears we went in half-assed, and then when things turned against us, we want to cut and run. Our credibility is shot. No one, outside the US, believes the US can win a war, especially China and the Asian countries. They believe we bleed, we leave.

Collecting My Thoughts

Unintended Consequences

I ’ve been thinking a lot about unintended consequences after reading about polio epidemics following on the heels of the improved sanitation provided by flush toilets and toilet paper. Most recently, we’ve seen some unintended consequences in connection with Hurricane Katrina from personal and government generosity.