Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Homespun Blogger Symposium XXI

Well, I was at a loss about what to ponder this week for the Symposium, but thanks to "The Sun" in the UK, I think I'll make this one about Saddam.

What do you think about "The Sun" publishing the pictures of Saddam? While I haven't seen all the pictures, the one everyone seems to be talking about is the one of the former dictator in his "tighty whities."

Will this event further fan the flames of Islamic hatred for the West and the occupiers of the Coalition? Or will this blow over? Abu-Grab it's not in my book.

What do you think?

Try and have your inputs in to me by Wednesday evening...but I'll always post links to anything you've written.

I'm easy, but not cheap.

See you on the high ground.


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